Ben Affleck marriage, Jennifer Lopez: “It’s great to see that you receive the respect that they deserve”


The actor and the producer Ben Affleck he wished, in Portuguese, “good luck with the Jennifer Lopez and his current partner, an ex-baseball player With Alex Rodriguez.the wedding was announced, to be consulted on whether they would go on to the much anticipated awards ceremony.

As you may recall, Affleck, the 47-year-old, he learned about the Portuguese when he lived in Mexico for a year, and in addition to that, it could keep you a improve in their field because they live in Los Angeles (united states), where there is a lot of contact with the English language.

In 2002,the JLo and Affleck, who had a pen relationship, which included plans for a weddingbut two years later they broke up.

Three years later, the actor was married to actress Jennifer Garnerwith whom he had three sons, but the marriage ended, mainly through the dependence of Affleck in the alcohol.

Asked by Jennifer, Lopez said: “For me, it’s great to see that you receive the respect that they deserve. Is a woman who is very good at it. It seems very happy to be with her boyfriend, and I wish you all the best with your wedding. There’s a lot of luck!”, he said Affleck in an exclusive interview to the program ” The Fat and the Thin.

Also, in talking about his personal life, he did acknowledge that it’s a love triangle, but who is aware of the fact that the disease in question, but it is a painful process.

All of the interviews were in Portuguese, and, Affleck, who took the opportunity to tell you that her daughter, 14-year-old who speaks better than he does.