Ben Affleck refused to return as Daredevil in Deadpool 3 because he was done with comics?

Ben Affleck won’t reprise his role as Daredevil in Deadpool 3, here are the reasons behind his choice.

According to some rumors, in the film we will see important returns of characters from films about X-Men from 20th century fox and for now, Jennifer Garner has been confirmed to return as Elektra Natchios.

Despite various rumors, according to insider Daniel Richtman, Ben Affleck won’t reprise the role daredevil for a cameo role in the film.

According to insider KC Walsh, Marvel Studios really made the actor an offer, but he refused to return. It is for this reason that the directors chose Elektra by Jennifer Garner as the “representative” of this narrative universe.

Affleck himself was spotted on the set, but the most likely version is that he was just visiting his ex-wife Jennifer Garner with their children.

After all, the actor himself has repeatedly explained that the world of comic book films is over, and after the announcement of the end of Batman’s career, he said:

I want to work to find something interesting, not put on a rubber suit and stand in front of a computer. It got to the point where I found it no longer satisfied me creatively. Plus, you’re always sweaty and tired. There I thought, “There is no way I want to be a part of this anymore. I don’t want to waste my life anymore as my time is now limited.”


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