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Ben Affleck seems to have been so affected by the way Ana de Armas broke up with him that he threw his ex-girlfriend in the dumpster. Which is not true, being a life-size cardboard portrait of the Cuban-born actress. We can say that the garbage collectors had a pleasant surprise when they opened the trash can.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas decided they were not compatible and said “goodbye”. The two, who formed a couple during the pandemic, found no reason to continue the relationship. Ben and Ana got closer in March 2020, while filming together in the thriller Deep Water. But less than a year later, the actors broke up. Moreover, according to some sources in their entourage, the separation would have taken place by telephone.

“They had many discussions about their future and decided to break up together,” a source close to the actor told People magazine.

On top of that, last summer, the relationship seemed solid, especially after the actors moved in together, at Affleck’s house in Los Angeles. Ana had even put her own house up for sale, but now she has given up the idea of ​​alienating her property. Also last summer, the two were on vacation with the actor’s children, whom the actress considers pleasant.

Ben Affleck threw his ex-girlfriend in the dumpster

One of the most publicized couples in Hollywood broke up in mysterious conditions. The news of the separation between Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas took the film world by surprise. And this is because the relationship between them was considered at one time one of the most welded.

Even if some sources only talked about a temporary separation, it seems that the American press was wrong about this. Moreover, the rupture between Ben Affleck and Ana de Armaș was far from amicable. As proof are the photos in which you can see how the actor “throws” his ex-partner in the trash.

But this is not a gesture in itself, but the fact that Ben Affleck removed any trace of Ana from his home. Including a life-size cardboard portrait of her that ended up in the dumpster on the street. Moreover, last summer, the actor’s children were seen playing with the same cardboard figurine, which ended up in the trash…

The reason Ana left Ben Affleck

In the press, it was speculated that the reason for the separation was the fact that Ana de Armas did not want to settle in Los Angeles. At the same time, Ben Affleck does not want to leave Los Angeles, because he wants to stay close to his three children. Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 8, are married to Jennifer Garner, 48, from 2005 to 2018.

Ben and Ana met in November 2019, while filming together for the movie “Deep Water”. In March 2020, the public found out about their relationship, when they both spent a romantic vacation in her native Cuba. Before Ana, Ben Affleck also had relationships with Lindsay Shookus, between 2017-2018, and with the model Shauna Sexton, but something went wrong.

Beyond all this, it can be said that Ben Affleck is ready for a new relationship after throwing his ex-girlfriend in the trash.


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