Ben Affleck, who delivers a message to his ex, Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they met during the filming of the movie Gigli, at the end of 2001. Her life was one of the best productions of the Hollywood and, over the next three years, and both of them were in the spotlight of red carpets, artwork, and headlines in several. The relationship has come to an end, but it’s not a friendship, which continued to be in keeping, even to this day. In fact, on a number of occasions in the course of the year, and, if you spent nice words. For example, in 2012, the performer has assured at the The Hollywood reporter they were talking about, and that is respected her a lot. “I like it. He had to endure a lot of things that are unfair in her life, and I’m happy to let you go, okay,” he said.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben AffleckTO SEE THE GALLERY

Four years later, he was a singer and an actress, who was speaking at the People upon his departure from the lead role in Jeff. “There is a true love. Don’t try to have a relationship to the public, however, we were in the eye of the photographers and the press, it was a lot of pressure.” This is a good value for that Jennifer Lopez has with his ex, that he decided to invite them to your wedding with Alex Rodriguez as well as this one did, that one day, they were his peers. But, what do you say, Ben Affleck on it?

The actor acorria this week on the tv show The fat and the thin ( and have not had to repair any of them in to talk about his facet of the most private, both on the side of the Jennifer Garner -with his ex-wife and the mother of his children, such as Jennifer Lopez, who made sure that you enjoyed “very much”. “For me, it’s great to see that you receive the respect that they deserve. Is a woman who is very good at it. It seems very happy to be with her boyfriend, and I wish you all the best with your marriageso, ” he said, with an almost perfect accent to a mexican and that he did not hesitate to be proud of.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben AffleckTO SEE THE GALLERY

The presenter then asked if I thought going to the wedding, taking into account that it is most exparejas of the artist’s work. “There’s a lot of luck!“he wanted to be Ben Affleck, who had been his companion in between the jokes, not wanting to confirm or deny the information. That was the case, he used to talk a lot is it’s own Jennifer Garner, from which it broke away in October of 2018, two years after the separation, and more than a decade after the “yes, yes, I.

At the time, and the artist he acknowledged that he followed, wanting to and what do you most regret in life was his divorce. During the interview, in Portuguese, which has been shown to be more serious than in the rest of the conversation, Ben Affleck spoke of his own sorrow, as if they are divorced, and the “luck” that he had to come up with an ex-wife as “nice”. “It has helped Me a lot. We have been working together for the benefit of the children, because they you and I both know that children are the most important“he concluded, referring to the three children they have in common.

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