Ben Affleck will return as Batman in Flash movie


According to Vanity Fair, Ben Affleck will return as Bruce Wayne / Batman in the film The Flash, starring Ezra Miller and directed by Andy Muscietti. Further details of his participation have not yet been revealed, but the magazine claims that, after reading the script last week, the actor would have agreed to reprise the role.

“It will be a very important part of the feature. The interaction and relationship between Barry and Wayne from Affleck will bring an emotional level we’ve never seen before. It’s Barry’s film and story, but the characters will be more related than we thought. Both lost their mothers through murder and this will be one of the emotional focuses of the production. That’s where Affleck’s Batman comes into action, ”the director said to the vehicle.

Rumors even indicate that Warner Bros. I would be interested in addressing the concept of the multiverse on the big screen, something tested and well received by fans in the series of superheroes CW, due to “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” This possibility came to light after the announcement of Michael Keaton’s return to the character in the sprinter’s feature, with a plot based on the Flashpoint arc of the comics.

To do this, Muschietti highlighted the importance of Affleck’s return, because of the connection between the characters displayed in the Justice League. “He will be the starting point and will be part of that state unchanged before we jump into Barry’s adventure,” he added. Thus, the story must show the Flash colliding with several parallel dimensions, in which you can find different versions of your companions.

More information is expected to be revealed on The Flash panel at DC Fandom, a virtual convention on DC heroes, next Saturday (22). The production is expected to hit theaters on June 3, 2022.