“Ben Affleck’s veteran grandfather helped me prepare for the role”

Matt Damon has revealed that Ben Affleck’s grandfather, a veteran Marine, helped him best portray General Leslie Groves in Oppenheimer.

Oppenheimer, Matt Damon:

During the last episodeWho’s talking to Chris Wallace?”, Matt Damon testified that he had a long conversation with his grandfather, a veteran of the Marine Corps Ben Affleck about World War II and the dropping of the atomic bomb. New movie by Christopher Nolan Oppenheimerthe star plays General Leslie Groves, the military leader of the Manhattan Project.

I remember talking to Ben Affleck’s grandfather who was a Marine. And he said, “When we heard about the bomb, we celebrated.”Damon said.and 50 years later he tells you about it and says: “I live with the fact that we celebrated, but it only happened because they told us they would fight to the last man.‘”.

Was the United States right or wrong in dropping the bomb? According to the actor, this is an impossible question: “What would I do? I probably have a gray head already. You know, these presidents have gray hair. It’s weird because you think there’s really only one choice, but you know perfectly well what will happen as a result..”

I mean, I don’t think Groves ever lost sleep over this. He fulfilled his mission. But Oppenheimer and many other scientists… after they took the test, they started thinking, “Oh my God,” and it was like a shock wave that hit them all.Matt Damon concluded.

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