Benedetta Parodi has a beautiful 21-year-old daughter, but few have seen her

Benedetta Parodi Known early in her career as the sister of journalist and presenter Christina, she has made itself felt over the years. In fact, today many people know her from the programs that she led over the years. She has proven herself and owes everything to herself and her passion for cooking.

Benedetta Parodi -
Benedetta Parodi –

Actually, it was this passion that brought her to television, because she was especially successful in Cooked and eaten on Italy One and then with Benedetta’s menu which was broadcast LA7. Today she has a wonderful family and a 21-year-old daughter who is just as beautiful as she is..

Daughter of Benedetta Parodi

The success of Benedetta Parodi is not only her work. In fact, the TV presenter has been married to Fabio Caressa since 1999.. With him she had three children: Mathilde was born in 2002, Eleanor in 2004 and Diego in 2009. Happy and very friendly family. Relationships with children are strong.

Both Benedetta and Fabio have a great relationship with their children, but they don’t want them to become friends. lThe only adult is the elder Matilda, who is passionate about the world of entertainment and music.. In fact, after graduating, she decided to start the journey to become a professional singer.

Mathilde Caressa and Benedetta Parodi -
Mathilde Caressa and Benedetta Parodi –

Supported by her mom and dad in her choices, she learns to become what she hopes to be.. Up profile Instagram, where about 90,000 people watch it, she writes. i sing and write. This passion for music is strong and in fact there are several videos of him performing among friends.

She just opened:

They have a lot of faith in me and sometimes, when I don’t, they push me to do it. I got used to this world because I always saw it up close thanks to my parents. I write lyrics in my phone notes. I have 700 thousand notes and 800 voice notes. I write what I live. I find it liberating. I also have a secret diary and I love to read.

Matilda Caressa: all about her

As we said then Mathilde Caressa wants to become a singer and puts so much effort into it. She recently revealed how lucky she is to have two parents who loved her and helped her understand her personality without any prejudice.

In fact, today Matilda knows who she is and is also the daughter of characters known to many Italians. She is not only the daughter of Benedetta Parodi and Fabio Caressa, but she herself with her hobbies and life. Her parents really believe her. and when she gives up too, they make her believe it.

Mathilde Caressa -
Mathilde Caressa –

In addition to a passion for music and writing lyrics, as we have seen from his words she also loves fashion very much. In fact, there are many shots where his style is very noticeable. Her looks are inspired by Emma Chamberlain and Olivia Rodrigo. First YouTuber and second songwriter.

Beautiful, like mom and dad, she has a rich future ahead of her. and most likely soon we will hear about her and her voice. His dream might come true, and it might happen sooner than you think.

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