Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst did not speak while filming ‘The Power of the Dog’

The power of the dog It is one of the best films of this 2021 and a serious candidate for the next Oscars. The Netflix tape is currently in theaters, but December 1 will hit the platform. Apart from the great direction of Jane Campion, one of her strengths is the interpretations of her entire cast, highlighting a Benedict Cumberbatch plethoric. His character, Phil hates Rose Gordon (Kirsten Dunst), the woman his brother has secretly married and it seems, that to maintain that tension between them, none of them shared a word.

However, that decision was shared and at no time was it violent. Dunst told The Hollywood Reporter that “there were times when he just didn’t speak during the day.” The actress also reflected on the consequences of this isolation: “When you haven’t spoken all day and then you say your first words to someone, it gives you that lump in your throat and that overwhelming feeling of insecurity.” Dunst that way of working left him “A little more worried” than it usually is when a day of filming ends, something that the interpreter attributed to that is an important part of Rose’s personality.

  Benedict Cumberbatch
‘The power of the dog’ (Netflix)

For his part, Cumberbatch recently spoke about the same thing as his partner for the NME medium: “I didn’t want to be mean to Kirsten, but I needed to stay in character. So I didn’t talk to her on set. “. But to finish creating an incredible character, the English actor revealed that he spoke with the director to go to a ranch in Montana, for two weeks, learning everything he needed to represent the cowboy Phil Burbank.

I went to various ranches and experienced the work (…) And all that it implies: inoculation and castration and grazing and care of these animals in process ”, Benedict Cumberbatch finally pointed out. The power of the dog maintains 95% positive reviews on Rotten tomatoes, being acclaimed by most of the specialized press.

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