Benjamin Castaldi: his brother Giovanni threatened with his death on Instagram … this slip that ignited the powder


On the set of TPMP this Friday, January 15, 2021, Benjamin Castaldi spoke of the death threats received by his brother Giovanni. A columnist in L’Equipe du Soir, the latter made a little slip by evoking PSG and OM … Enough to generate the anger of several Marseille supporters.

Last November, Benjamin Castaldi was the subject of death threats after an exchange with René Malleville. Upset by the scale of the situation, the columnist of TPMP spoke with emotion in front of Cyril Hanouna. Since this episode, the former presenter of Secret Story has also been placed under protection.

Today, it is his brother’s turn to suffer the same fate. This Thursday, January 14, Giovanni Castaldi who is a sports journalist and who officiates in the Evening Team angered some supporters after a slip of the tongue. While commenting on the match the day before between Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain to win the Champions Trophy, Giovanni Castaldi spoke of the “PSG-OMer * e” match … before catching up:  “Uh, OM, sorry”. Not enough to convince the fervent supporters of OM who saw in these words a real attack against their teen club.

After receiving dozens of threats, Giovanni Castaldi expressed himself with desolation on Twitter:  “For having forked over a sentence, apologizing live, I received more than 300 messages like this:  ” As soon as I see it or it is in the streets of Paris, I shoot you!  Whether it is your wife or you, I see one of you, I take your life, be sure “, he reported.  “I just spoke with the com director of @OM_Officiel and like life, I reiterated my apologies. I forked and at no time was my intention to insult the club. stop this madness and paranoia! Nothing justifies death threats.   he then assured this Friday, January 15, 2021.

Present on the TPMP set this Friday, Benjamin Castaldi explained that his brother was at his worst …