Benjamin Mascolo has a new love, the singer talks about his new drug-free life

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Benjamin Mascolo said to himself in a long interview with Corriere della Sera showing that he has a new love. In addition, the singer spoke about his career, bad habits and relationship with Federico Rossi. Here’s what he revealed.

Benjamin Mascolo finds love after Bella Thorne: the singer’s new relationship

Interviewed Corriere della SeraBenjamin Mascolo said he found love again after end of relationship with actress Bella Thorne. For several years, Benji lived between Italy and the United States, where he met his ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne. They had a relationship that lasted for about 3 years, during which they also decided to get married. However, in 2022, the couple announced their separation, and since then the singer had to go through a very difficult period in his life, which also led him to bad habits who is now learning to manage. Here is what he had to say about it:

“I could ignore it and try to heal bad life that’s all: so far in social networks I have shown only life that may seem ideal. But now I want to show the other side of the coin. Because a lot of people know this pain of life and I would like them to feel less alone.”

Mascolo then explained that it is difficult for him to face a hectic life in which he constantly feels energized. Here are his words.

Today we are all constantly stimulated. And when you do your job, there are even more incentives. If you let yourself go, you will get carried away. Anything from the wrong foods to the wrong substances, from compulsive social media use to rampant consumerism. Anything that can lead to loss.”

However, now the singer began a new chapter in his life, in which he learned to impose rules on himself, thereby managing to restore the lost balance:

I learned, even when hurting myself, to impose rules on myself. Now I live almost the life of an athlete: I monitor my health, sleep rhythm, nutrition.

Also in the sentimental sphere, the singer said that he found happiness and left behind the breakup with Bella Thorne. today, in fact, Benjamin Mascolo has a new love:

I’m in a relationship and I’m very happy. I promised myself never to fall into the trap of love again, but life always surprises you. Even in past relationships, I was in love, but the serenity I have now allows me to share things in a more mature way.”

Benjamin Mascolo returns to talk about Federico Rossi: here is the relationship between the two singers

For several years Benjamin Mascolo and Federico Rossi they were not only colleagues, but also great friends. The two singers formed an artistic duo known as “Benji and Faith” but then, in 2020, a breakup announcement came and both pursued solo careers.

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about their friendship. Many fans are still very attached to the duo and hope that one day these two singers will reunite. It is for this reason that many have wondered what they are today. relationship between Benjamin Mascolo and Federico Rossi.

After recent events, it seems that things are not going well between the two artists. Federico Rossi actually didn’t seem to take well the choice of Benjamin Mascolo to reinterpret their hit “Where and when” in a punk rock vein with Finley. According to Benjamin Mascolo, it was this step that should have further complicated their relationship. According to what singer al revealed Corriere della Sera, Federico Rossi would have lived his cooperation with Finlay as an assignment to one of its parts. Here is what Benjamin Mascolo said about it:

“Yes, I remade Dove and When in a punk rock sauce. What if it’s not even a coded signal? i did it for fun. But the message I am sending is that I am doing what I want to do. If I want to remake my song in a punk rock version, I do it. Even if someone doesn’t like it. I don’t want to live in fear of letting some people down.”

Finally, the singer ended with the words:

Did Federico like it? I don’t think so. I think he took it as appropriation of something that he considers his own. I can understand that. But then it’s as much his as it is mine.”

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