Benji reveals: ‘It ended with Bella Thorne because of OnlyFans’

It seemed like a fairy tale destined for a happy ending: love at first sight, a long-distance relationship during Covid, two films together, a marriage proposal, a choice of location: Lake Como, and then a cold shower: we are not getting married again. They are now nicknamed “the new Ferraniers” for their social power. a year after breaking up with Bella Thorne, Benjamin Mascolo, former musician of the duo Benji and Fede. tell us why To Vanity Fair.

“In our relationship, we did not establish clear boundaries on the fundamental issues of building a family: polyamory, polygamy,” explained Mascolo. “Even relationships with money alienated us. I prefer to earn less, but to be satisfied and at peace with myself (…) Bella had a different approach: he made millions of dollars a year on OnlyFans, and he couldn’t escape. I never judged her, I also believe that a woman should be free to do whatever she wants with her body, but we need to share values ​​and views, otherwise the castle will collapse.”

Twenty-five-year-old Annabella Avery Thorne, who has twenty-five million subscribers, has already met Benji. The daughter of a Cuban immigrant who died in a motorcycle accident when she was little, Bella worked from the age of six weeks, first as a model for commercials and campaigns, then as a child actress in a Disney Channel television series, and then a movie theater with the romantic comedy Midnight Sun and the film, presented at the Sundance Festival Assassination Nation. In fact, ever since her father died, Bella had been the one supporting her mother and three brothers, and at certain times she had actually suffered from hunger.

She took to social media to talk about very personal and sensitive aspects, talking about being bullied for her dyslexia and her dream of happiness. When we asked her why she shares such intimate things with her millions of followers, she replied: “Because it’s part of my job. This is how I pay my bills and feed my cats, I have 19 cats to feed… I’m fully aware of that.” that no one would recognize me if there were no social networks. I’d be curious to see what happens if I get out of this, but I can’t do that now that so much of my work depends on social media. At the same time, when I’m trying to conquer the Instagram beast, from the inside I’m trying to let people know that there are no perfect lives like some glossy images make them out to be.”

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Twenty-nine-year-old Benjamin Mascolo from Modena, whose mother was Australian, became famous as part of a duet. Benji and Faith, a boy band founded in 2010 when they began posting videos on YouTube. Their relationship also developed remotely, because Benjamin moved to study in Australia for two years. After losing in Sanremo as New Proposals, they continued to post their music on the channel until they were noticed by a record company. The first album was released in 2015, 20:05, which dates back to the first message that Federico Rossi sent to Benjamin Mascolo on Facebook with the proposal to form a duo. Then one success after another, many concerts, up to the fourth album. Waves of positivity after which they announced their separation to pursue solo careers. The last concert together was supposed to take place at the Verona Arena, but due to Covid it did not take place, so Benji and Fede were unable to greet their fans except with a book. Naked which they also published to explain this farewell.

Now, after a long romance that lasted a total of three years, Mascolo has turned the page. At first it was hard, he resorted to psychotherapy, but now he is better. Thanks also to the new meeting, as he said in an interview: “Greta met me at one of the most difficult moments of my life, she loved me when I was at my worst, next to her I become better. meet her, shameless luck. She is very sweet and smart. She doesn’t belong to the entertainment world, fame and fame don’t interest her at all, and she doesn’t know how much I like her.”

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