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Bennifer: Reveal How Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Kids Really Get Along

The actress Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They seem to enjoy their relationship a lot, so much so that, recently, there has been speculation about the possibility that they are thinking of getting married and finally arriving at the altar after 17 years of being engaged, but throughout this love story , How are their children getting along?

What do Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s kids think about their relationship?

Apparently the children of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They would not have a single problem in seeing their parents married and starting a family all together, because not only the children of Marc Antony and JLo are pleased with their mother’s boyfriend, those of Jennifer Garner and Affleck are also happy with the ‘Diva from the Bronx’.

According to reports from ‘US Magazine’: “Their relationship is moving fast. Jen is excited to start a life with Ben and plan a wedding. “Also,” All the kids have met and they all seem to get along, “added the source.

“It seems the Batman actor is madly in love with JLo again, and” has returned to Jen’s fast-paced lifestyle, “the source said.

On various occasions Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez They have been captured walking with their children, on one occasion they visited a well-known amusement park, JLo the film director did not separate for a single moment, in fact they were seen to be most in love, while the little ones had fun.

Will there be Bennifer’s wedding?

Although kids have met other partners of their parents, in the case of children of JLo to Alex Rodríguez and in that of Ben Ana de Armas, this time the relationship has taken a much more formal tone, it is said that it is a matter of days for Affleck to propose to Jennifer.

Some media have assured that the singer and Ben are thinking of eloping and having an intimate wedding, others have opted to say that it will be the event of the year.

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