Benny Safdie reveals why he won’t co-direct Adam Sandler’s new film with his brother: ‘I wanted to consider other projects’

The new golden couple of indie cinema have decided to part ways, pursue different paths and projects. Speaking to GQ, Benny Safdie revealed why he distanced himself from his brother Josh.

after directing rough diamonds, Josh Safdie to reunite with Adam Sandler As for his next project, which still doesn’t have an official title. although from his side, we won’t get his brother, pigtailwhich he co-directed with Josh happy times – with Robert Pattinson – and by rough diamonds,

His separation from Beni Safi and brother Josh

Despite the success they found in their first two projects, the Safdie brothers are considered one of the Most promising pair of indie cinema – they decided keep walking on different roads, to explain due to his separation from joshIt was – in the recent past – pigtail safiin an interview with gq,

I just had a feeling that there were some things I wanted to explore that weren’t in line with what Josh was looking for. So it’s a divide and rule mentality. (…) Josh wants to tell this story, and he is free to do so. I would rather do other things. It’s a natural progression of the world in which things are happening, that’s how it works for me at the moment. I thought that’s what I had to do,

according to the words of pigtail safiHowever, his separation from his brother Josh doesn’t seem to be certain and the two filmmakers may decide to split the director’s chair again in the future. However, in recent times, pigtail He devoted himself more towards his acting career by participating in the series star wars obi-wan kenobi more ads oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan – is expected in Italian cinemas from 23 August. In addition to acting, Starr has spent herself writing and producing in collaboration with Nathan Fielder. series cursein which he will star alongside, as well as Fielder himself Emma Stone Coming soon to the cinema Poor creature! by Yorgos Lanthimos. Filming for the show is expected to wrap up in October, while the premiere will air on Showtime on the scheduled date. josh safiOn its part, it continues to explore the ecosystem of independent feature films, devoting itself to Project with Adam Sandler – which will be set The World of High-End Card Collecting, sandler – who recently gave the most impressive performance of his career directed by the Safdie brothers – recently appeared in the Netflix comedy Murder Mystery 2, so now all that remains is to wait Update,

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