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Mirta Merlino: Work in progress, but according to her, there is no conflict with Barbara D’Urso.

Mirta Merlino is already at work. More than a month is left until the next professional commitment, which she will see in Mediaset’s news of the season, but in the middle of summer, the journalist revealed on social networks that she is already very involved in the creation of the program in which she will be the host. Intending to take notes at her desk and then smiling in the company of two of her co-workers, Mirta Merlino described this period of great engagement with her new professional experience as follows: with the whole team, our Pomeriggio5 will be born. And this is just the beginning!”. His words, which well express great enthusiasm, were commented by users intrigued by the new editorial line of the program, which for many years was identified with Barbara d’Urso. And although someone remembers the former presenter, whom the company met without of traditional courtesies, there are also those who refer to La7 as the network Merlino worked for until last May and from which his colleague Tiziana Panella will continue to broadcast his Tagada directly in the afternoon 5. .

For the audience of Canale 5, the new Afternoon 5 will be a big change, full of details that will take it far away from Barbara d’Urso’s broadcast: “This is not going to be a talk show, I’m not interested in the right and the left, what if knock them out straight. We will follow current events, analyzing the social phenomena that he hides, trying to understand the trends and why, as well as contextualizing everything in a political dimension. , politics is designed to give answers, not argue on TV, ”Merlino recently said, specifying that he has no antipathy for the former mistress. “I understand that a lot has been written about us in terms of rivalry, but there is no antagonism with Barbara d’Urso”, his words: “We are so different, then this program was the son of an idea a day opposite to the one that will inspire me. In September, another path begins. And the work is already underway.


Miriam Leone is pregnant, but says that “a person should have the right to choose whether to become a mother or not”: but really?

Other good news: Miriam Leone is pregnant two years after her wedding to Paolo Carullo. Kind, smart, beautiful. She used to say that children are not a priority, but she was a girl, but Vanity repeated: “A woman should always have the right to choose whether to become a mother or not. I was lucky enough to make a decision… but I still think that this is not the fulfillment of life… no one has the right to say what is right and what is wrong. I appreciate the words, but if you try to say the opposite, you will also find their evidence, and fortunately it is: who can afford to say that not having children is bad, and who can ever claim to be take away a woman’s right to choose. Fortunately, we are in a free state, does it happen that the chronicles say otherwise? In fact, they make news and offers also come, always too light.


Federico Fashion Style: Troubles of separation, but very soon everything will be resolved

On all the websites I read about Federico Fashion Style who said that his partner, the mother of his young daughter, would request a maintenance allowance of 10,000 euros per month (but the judge would apparently have denied the request), however she left him. the house they lived in, which was apparently a gift from Federico’s parents when he turned 18. Dear Federico, this is the fate of all separations: if there are children, if he earns more, if there are own houses where we lived together. Of course, maybe 10,000 euros a month is a lot, but then you have 5 halls of miracles from Milan to Rome and Naples. The house is on fire, of course, but she will free her: she is young and beautiful, she will start a new life, and I doubt that another companion will ever agree to live in that house, since your parents gave it to you.

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