Bermúdez’s confession about Benedetto’s arrival in Boca

No doubt that It would be the bomb of the pass market. That generates the return of Darius Benedetto for Argentine soccer, not to mention for the xeneizes fans, who drive him crazy on social media, and much more for Boca and the Football Council. And now, after Jorge Bermúdez’s confession, hold on …

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“Benedetto wants to come to Boca, he gave us the OK to negotiate for his arrival. Otherwise we would not even have started the talks. He has the great illusion of returning to Boca and so do we”, recognized the Pattern and moved the hornet’s nest. Because although the interest on one side and the other was already a fact, this time the Colombian acknowledged that they are going deep. And more, that there is a tailwind.

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“We are working every day all the circumstances, it is not easy. It is a very big economic movement, we think that the French club (Olympique de Marseille) put a lot of money for Pipa,” said Bermúdez. And, in his dialogue with TyC Sports, he added: “There are many architects who are in the middle. Hopefully all parties can agree so that he can come.”

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In addition, Bermúdez said that “We are making a great effort for Pipa to play in Boca”, that “for us it would be a tremendous incorporation that would enhance our squad”, that “we are fighting for that, we are very excited and are very optimistic” and that “We would like to count on Pipa for many years.”

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The negotiation

Bermúdez, 50, hit the key. On the one hand, because it is true that there are many components that this story has behind the possible arrival of Benedetto: In addition to the 31-year-old striker himself and his desire, there are also Elche, current Pipa club, Olympique de Marseille, owner of his pass, and Boca, of course.

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According to the Pattern, Benedetto has already decided where he wants to play, while with the Spaniards everything would be fine because Pipa’s contract expires in the middle of the year, because he does not add minutes and is a substitute for Lucas Boyé, and fundamentally because 9 is one of the club’s members together with his agent, Christian Bragarnik.

Now, the main obstacle seems to be Marseille, beyond the fact that heThe advantage that Boca has is that the French would not take into account Pipa sports during this 2022. From there, the ok Elche and the desire that Bermúdez made public, The Football Council will start to put together a formal loan proposal to send to Europe.

Of course, apparently, and according to Bermúdez, the Pipe is getting closer …

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