Bernard Arnault, his mega yacht banned from entering the port of Naples

assonance It remained at anchor all day on Friday near Via Caracciolo, a short distance from Castel dell’Ovo. K’s super yacht Bernard Arnault was not allowed to dock at mergelinathe only port of reference a Naples For bigger boats. and so patron lvmh – the multinational company that owns luxury companies including Christian Dior, Bulgari, Fendi, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot – after a look at capri And the bay moved towards other ports. Where to dock and going ashore is not a problem.
Too Barry DillerThe CEO of the cinema and media company headed by Expedia and TripAdvisor has left Naples. with him eos – A three-masted schooner who is the husband of a billionaire, fashion designer diane von furstenberg Acquired in 2009 – moved elsewhere. Even his sailing vessel – one of the world’s largest private sailing yachts, 90 meters long – cannot enter Mergelina’s harbor for security reasons, according to a regulation introduced this year by the Harbor Master’s Office .


a provision against which the leaders of Neapolitan industrialists roared Costanzo Iannotti Pecchi, pointing a finger at the law that stops luxury tourism from getting in the way of Naples. A rule that prohibits boats longer than 75 meters is forbidden from entering the marina. Massimo Lewis He is one of the administrators of the Mergelina jetty for VIPs. And he always shies away from commenting on ordinances. “There are rules and we respect them, but in this case It cannot be ignored that the consequences of this provision will be considerable, From this year, the impossibility to welcome a class of highly prestigious yachts will result in the loss of important figures of our sector in economic terms: from 50 to 100 thousand euros per day only for the relevant industries. Tens and millions in one season».

other stops

Boats that do not stop in Naples go farther. Lewis says that many people live in the Mediterranean, but They are on their way to Malta, Spain and France, «It is a pity for Naples, a special city full of culture and tradition and with a reference airport, Will no longer be able to welcome guests of the caliber of Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Jeff Bezos and Jennifer Lopez. who have come here in recent years. I am confident that the competent authorities, who have always supported the excellent tourism industry, will once again find a solution that combines security with the economic and image benefits that our city needs. Tourism is our oil – says Luis -. And we can’t forget that what goes on behind the maxi yacht is remarkable. There are at least ten more trips with each boat and passengers arrive by private planes and they need services that Naples has been able to provide so far: it has been welcoming and active from different points of view. It is an unlimited city with natural, artistic, archaeological beauty, great attractions. It really has a lot to offer.”


The disadvantage is also related to business as there are people who have made their base in the city to do business and evaluate investments in the area. With the new rules, quite frankly, they won’t be able to get off with the new boat Not even the loyal Dolce & Gabbana, Nor think of holding a party here, as they did a few years ago, which brought dozens of ships more than 30 feet tall to Naples and moved millions of people in a matter of days, filling the entire gulf. benefited.

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