Bernard Tapie: He reveals his secret to fight the disease!


Guest of “8:30 p.m. Sunday” on France 2, Bernard Tapie returned to his fight against the disease and confided his secret to continue to fight with as much force.

Bernard Tapie was the guest of Laurent Delahousse this Sunday, January 31 in “8:30 pm Sunday”. The opportunity for the businessman to express himself once again on his fight against double cancer of the stomach and esophagus. At the end of last December, Bernard Tapie confided bluntly in “Seven to eight” and the news was not very encouraging “I am at the worst point that I have known for three years” he blurted out.

This Sunday, the former boss of Olympique de Marseille gave his news: ” I’m waiting, we’re looking for … The treatments that were effective have been proven. I had lost 75% of my tumors and, within two months, they had doubled with metastases “. But always eager to deliver a message of hope for all the patients who are fighting this dreadful disease, Bernard Tapie made remarks full of optimism: “What cancer patients need to know is that there is an incredible number of small labs working on the new molecules. And in eight days of time, they can find (…) By analyzing the tumors, we discover exactly how this tumor is composed. And immediately, we look in the world to see what test would destroy tumors. But we haven’t found it yet … “he explained.

And when Laurent Delahousse asks him if everything is played out in the head, Bernard Tapie is categorical: ” Not at all! The head, it helps, but the truth is that it is an internal fight. Between who and who? Tumors that are hostile to you, but your own, it’s not a virus and your immune system. How does it work? To energy! If the energy you have is stronger than your own. energy from your tumor, you will gain. And to have energy, there is a way: it is to exercise! ”  argued a Bernard Tapie. A model of fighting spirit.