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Bertrand Pérez is the new Director of Operations of Fundación Web3

Bertrand Perez became the new Director of Operations at the Web3 Foundation, a nonprofit organization trying to develop a new way of Internet safer in the preservation of people’s data, in order to improve the experience of each user.

The brand new Spanish director take on this challenge of the evolution of Web2, current stage of the Internet with the interaction and social networks as the main flag, to the Web3. Previously, Perez worked in Libra, current Diem, a blockchain project belonging to Facebook, What director of operations. Therefore, the director brings with him the experience in the division of payments and its main mission is to walk towards the Web3.

The new director of the Foundation He held various positions at Diem, both as Director of Operations and Managing Director of the Libra / Diem Association, which he created from scratch. Also, prior to this, it was PayPal Senior Director for about eight years. In conclusion, he has accumulated almost 30 years occupying different technological roles in the sector.

What is Polkadot?

This organization count a team of engineers, academics and different professional profiles who, for some time, have been working to achieve the new internet revolution that we know, the achievement of the Web3. The decentralization It is not easy and requires a technological implementation through blockchain quite complex, but the aim is to return to the internet origin, which is none other than the open protocol, the principle for which it was envisioned.

For this, to be able to achieve this it is necessary Polkadot, a blockchain platform that is built to connect private chains and consortia, public networks and future technologies that have not yet been created. It is the only platform that allows interconnection with others such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc., in order to exchange information and transactions in a reliable way. Currently, these blockchains work completely independently, as well as do their different cryptocurrencies.

This platform is the first project of Web3 Foundation, a Swiss foundation created to facilitate a fully functional and easy-to-use decentralized website. The project facilitates an internet where independent blockchains they can exchange information and transactions reliably through the Polkadot relay chain.

What is the Web3 Foundation?

It is a Swiss foundation created to facilitate a decentralized web fully functional and easy to use. It has partnered with the best institutions in its sector to build Polkadot and foster the development of the services and applications that will run on it, providing grants for the development of the ecosystem.

In this project, different parties, such as researchers from Inria Paris and ETH Zurich, developers of Parity Technologies and equity partners of crypto funds such as Polychain Capital.

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