“Besides the pirates, the white flag is flying in Vasto”

huge. Consultant Guido Giangiacomo, Francesco Prospero and Vincenzo Suriani, civil coordinators of the Fratelli d’Italia, with Piernicola Carlesi Mena’s statements were answered at the press conference at the bus terminal via Conti Ricci in Vasto, in opposition to the area (Law),

“Mayor Mena, looking for a little cheap publicity, is unfurling a not very institutional flag of pirates today, perhaps proposing himself as a replacement for Johnny Depp in the guise of a new Pirate of the Caribbean as the character’s successor.” Jack Sparrow in delusions of doing, or perhaps in an attempt to revive himself as a new politician and gain a foothold in the eyes of M5S allies in view of the upcoming regional elections.

But who believes.

The reality is quite different, and the mayor’s banner has long since appeared in all its faded whiteness, given that for Vasto, Mena has hoisted indecent white flags everywhere and only, as a sign of surrender, a city For the incompetence of him and his junta who is forced to surrender.

Mayor Menna’s white flag is unfurled in Vasto’s abandoned suburbs and without care, as well as in Vasto’s public works that no longer exist in the city and those funded by works that he is unable to afford, as well In Vasto the management of the municipal treasury has now become bloodless.

But above all, Mayor Mena is waving the desolate white flag in a tourism plan where Vasto, once the capital of regional tourism, is regressing, and has now abandoned the role of seaside attraction for the realities of the nearby which are the real novelty of this summer.

The blue Vasto flying ashore may also have disappeared in the disasters of the municipality under the management of Fosso Marino.

Even more than a pirate on a ship running at full speed, the mayor of Vasto appears to be a helpless person, trapped in the park of Costa, in political stagnation, in the absence of capacity and planning, in the promise of making everyone happy without any overview There are Titina, having joined the Calliope project because of an “ideological oversight” when all the neighboring municipalities take off with less resources and less territory, reached the beach at the port of Vasto, which she wanted to close, but Now she is expanding it after the area was closed. Set guidelines to make it strategic and national, stuck on a version of SS16 that doesn’t exist because of him.

If the mayor wants to play to his satisfaction, we will take charge of the problems of Vasto starting from the bus terminal, a problem he has not been able to solve.

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