Besieged Corona, The Seat Of The Company’s Closed-Technology, Silicon Valley!



MENLO PARK – The headquarters of technology companies in Silicon Valley to ask the employees of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Twitter, in order to prevent work at home, the infection with the corona virus is increasingly on the agenda.

Officials in Santa Clara County, where the campus of Apple Park with a capacity of 12,000 people asked earlier, to take account of the large companies, is another attempt in the communication. He asked the employees in telecommunications and find a way to limit close contact.

As quoted by business insider, Apple employees in the Seattle area asked to work from home. But in California, retail Santa Clara County, California, remain open.

Apple said last month, the spread of the virus in China leads to a loss of revenue goals for the quarter to the end of March 2020. Stock the iPhone is expected to be very limited.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said that the company has to travel limited staff to China. The company, based in Cupertino, which also gives donations to the affected groups dealing with the corona virus.

“The situation was not conducive. We are still collecting more data and monitoring this very carefully. We have ranges of income are wider than usual,” said cook.

Amazon recommend that employees with headquarters in Seattle and Bellevue to work from home until the end of March 2020. The recommendations after Amazon confirmed on 2. March 2020 that one of its employees based in Seattle are in the quarantine, because the Virus Corona is infected.

Not only Apple and Amazon, Twitter said that it has shut down its offices in Seattle, Washington, United States. The closure is because there have been reports of alleged employee, the allegedly infected with the virus corona new or COVID-19.

Twitter shut down the office temporarily, you can do a “thorough cleaning”, and the possibility of preventing the spread of infection more than the COVID-19. “A staff with headquarters in Seattle, was advised by the doctors, the wait for your chances of Contracting Covid-19, though, until the final test,” said Twitter in a statement on Sunday, 8. March 2020.

Although these employees are not in the office of Twitter for a few weeks and have never had any contact with other people who Twitter do not want to take the risk. “We have closed the Seattle office, we are very clean,” the statement said.

But Twitter has not shown that the closure of the office it will be when. Enterprise social networking is only to say that you informed the staff and to the health officials about the situation. “We do not share the information about the identity of our members or about his illness, in order to protect their privacy,” the company said.

Previously, a number of other technology companies in the United States, such as Amazon and Facebook, has also appealed its employees to work at home, as one of the efforts to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus.