Best Boxing Movies to Watch Before Creed III

beech union Cinema And boxing It’s decades old, yet films on the subject never lose their charm: perhaps it’s because whose stories they are to leave, Revenge And redemptionin major subjects world of boxing And that we try to follow in some form or the other in daily life. Perhaps this success depends on the literary nature inherent in the literature. boxingWhich comes alive on the big screen in a unique way.

lately creed iiithird chapter of the saga By-product Of rockybrought attention back to the relationship between great art And this Cinema, a red thread that has given birth to real masterpieces. Here are the best boxing movies to absolutely watch.

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Raging Bull (1980)

We can only begin with what is probably the most beautiful boxing film in history (and, in general, one of cinema’s masterpieces). Martin Scorsese continues its journey into the Italian American universe by telling the story of Jake LaMotta Through an adaptation of his titular autobiography wild bull, A controversial and violent character in and out of the ring whose nuances have been removed over and above all of his fall into the abyss, give face to the hero Robert De NiroCapping off one of the most spectacular performances of his career.

Boxing Movie: Rocky IV (1985)

It is impossible not to mention the saga of rocky when it comes to the best boxing movie, However, for obvious reasons, we will restrict ourselves to including only one title who represents them all: we have chosen Rocky IV Because even if it is not the best, it is probably the most prestigious. And this is both for the death of a historical figure and for the mythical challenge between Rocky Balboa And ivan dragoanticipated by the famous joke i will tear you apart Two.

Boxing Movie: Ali (2001)

if we talk about boxing we talk about Mohammad Ali: Not only a great athlete of the sport but a leading figure 20th centuryBoth for the results achieved and for his social conflicts outside the ring. Alidirector Michael Mann with and Will Smith In the role of the boxer, he describes the middle part of his career, winning the first world champion title against sonny liston As far as Rumble in the Jungle against george formanOne of the most famous sporting events of all time.

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

one of the most sensational and passionate films about boxingtaken from one of the stories in the book rope burns written by fx tool, film purifies hilary swank in the role of Margaret FitzgeraldA waitress who tries to become the champion of the sport under the guidance of the old and grumpy frankie dunn (Clint Eastwood): Their relationship goes beyond that of disciple and teacher and becomes like a kiss between a father and a daughter, The film was a resounding success, winning 4 Oscar Awards and more than earning 200 million dollars,

Cinderella Man (2005)

Boxing film that tells the heart touching true story of a boxer jj braddock, man, played by Russell CroweA good fighter, however, who has had his license revoked after a series of poor results and who finds himself without a job in the midst of a dire economic crisis. 30s, He works occasionally as a longshoreman to support his wife and three children, but economic constraints They seem inaccessible (in one of the film’s most poignant scenes the wife mixes water with milk to give some nourishment to her children).

at some point in his life, when poverty seems to have the upper hand, almost by chance he gets the opportunity that allows him get back in the ring: This is how it begins climb in the world of boxing, which would eventually see him become world champion, joe louisOne of history’s greatest boxers and cultural icon, JJ Braddock defined bravest man i ever met,

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Boxing Movies: The Fighter (2010)

Second true storry Skillfully brought to the screen this time under the direction of David O’Russell: Mickey Ward (Mark Wahlberg) is a promising young boxer being trained by his half-brother dickey eklund (Christian Bale), a now retired boxer who lives between memories of some past glory and his current drug addiction. relationship between the two And the various forces surrounding the career of a budding sportsperson are at the center of this carefully crafted drama that has captivated and received audiences and critics alike. 7 nominations for oscar Winning 2.

Taste of Rust and Bones (2012)

not really a boxing movie, but a heartwarming movie human drama in which they aredolphin trainer who meets with an accident that forces her into a wheelchair and a bodyguard Boxing enthusiasts who fight in secret.
The two, radically different, would begin a relationship that would help them get their lives back on their feet and to reciprocate the affection that surrounds them.

South Wind (2015)

Let’s face it, stories of redemption never tire, especially when told through a good boxing movie, khabba the story of a boxer named billy hope (Jake Gyllenhaal), a world champion facing the final stages of an illustrious career. during a the evening of Donation, However, he gets into a scuffle with a young and fiery rival: a gunshot accidentally goes off during the scuffle kills maureenHero’s wife. The disappearance of the woman he loves throws him into a spiral Drugs, Disappointment And povertyBut boxing Will comes back into his life to give him one last chance to get back on track.

Boxing Movie: Creed (2015)

Ready creed iii There’s nothing better than revisiting the first chapter of the saga with the protagonist Michael B. Jordan, actor plays adonis johnsonIllegitimate son of former boxing legend apollo cult and raised by the latter’s widow.

in the beginning Adonis chooses to pursue a normal career in the world of work, but passion for boxing flows in his blood and soon inspires him to try to climb to the pinnacle of great art. To do so he will need an extraordinary teacher: his father’s rival and lifelong friend, Rocky Balboa,

Bleed (2016)

Very good miles tellerthat many people are familiar with Sprain (2014) by Damien Chazellelends his face to the film adaptation of the true story of Vincent PatienceAmerican boxer but of Italian descent who sees his career end when a Accident Forces him to wear a collar that is fitted directly over the bones of the skull. Vinnie Paz But not only does he not give up but against any opinion and common sense, restart to train and begins a rehabilitation process with the ambitious goal of recovering the title. world champion,

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