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On July 30, the UN established world friendship day, a day on which we celebrate that feeling, so similar to love, with which we try every day to fight the emptiness and challenges of not always rosy everyday life. Also, friendship is a theme that always finds enough space in movies – think of Dom and Toretto in fast and furious, but also historical friendships off the set, such as between Bud Spencer AND Terence Hill or between Leonardo DiCaprio AND Kate Winslet. It is for this reason that, on the occasion of World Friendship Day, we decided to compile a list of the most beautiful friendships seen on the big screen.

The best examples of friendship on the big screen

Goose and Maverick, Top Gun

Goose and Maverick really represent what needs to be bromance, that is, a friendship between two men that goes beyond friendship itself and eventually becomes almost a brotherly relationship. In the 1986 film directed by Tony Scott, there may not be enough time to deepen this relationship, given how the story develops: but the friendship between the two characters is such that decades later, in Top Shooter: Maverick Tom Cruise’s character is still “paying” for guilt, unable to get rid of the shadow of his best friend. IN gun top, In addition, there’s another great friendship between Maverick and Iceman (Val Kilmer), which was also developed in a movie released last year.

Riggs and Murtaugh, Lethal Weapon

Among the couples of friends who have achieved great success in the cinematic field, there is undoubtedly one that consists of Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Murtaugh (Danny Glover), in a successful saga signed by Richard Donner, Deadly weapon. It’s about two characters who are forced to work together and they couldn’t be more different. On the one hand, Murtaugh, who is on the verge of retirement, is a family man and an honest cop who has no problem following the rules. On the other hand, there is Riggs, a weak cannon, a real deadly weapon that is impossible to resist.

Feelings and friendships are not always easy and not always what we want. Sometimes it’s just the ones we need, the ones we need, even when we don’t know or can’t admit it. This is a case of friendship that develops between Louis (Brad Pitt) and Lestat (Tom Cruise). This is clearly a toxic friendship based on the one hand on the need to have a nest and a place to hide, and on the other hand, on the need to escape from a reality that is too painful. Lestat is a cruel and seemingly heartless creature. But her relationship with Louis goes beyond the problems: somehow, they are connected by something that goes beyond what others call just friendship.

Perhaps there is no purer friendship in the history of cinema than that between Sam and Frodo. Sam is ready to do anything for Frodo, even to accompany him on a terrible journey that should lead two little hobbits to throw a ring of power into the mouth of Mount Doom. Sam is an example of a pure and loyal friend, someone who is always by your side, even when you don’t deserve it. And Frodo, even under the influence of the ring, can only find himself when Sam’s voice guides him. The moments when Frodo regains his powers often follow some reproach from him towards Sam, as if his soul simply couldn’t imagine a world without his best friend.

Even the world of animation – as we shall see later – brought to the big screen great examples of friendship that to some extent set the standard for anyone looking for a standard to apply to everyday life. No one The Lion King this type of friendship is represented by Pumbaa and Timon, who have created their own reality outside of a society that would want to separate them. Their life philosophy, Hakuna Matata, is also a role model.

Thelma and Louise, id.

Women’s Friendship Manifesto Thelma and Louise tells of the deep connection between two women who decide to rely on each other to try and escape from their daily lives and the violence that fills them. Two women on the run, two different people, who, however, found one person in the world who can understand, accept and follow them, even when it comes to a crazy journey with unexpected consequences.

Marlin and Dory, Finding Nemo

Back to animation Finding Nemo, which many see as a kind of mourning manifesto. But this Pixar comedy also offers the viewer a great example of friendship: the friendship between the clownfish Marlin and the oblivious fish Dory, who is dubbed Carla Signoris made it unforgettable. The two meet by chance and soon become “colleagues” on an adventure that will take them to the ocean. But their journey, as external as it is intimate, also leads them to develop a deep sense of friendship that is destined to last forever.

Woody and Buzz, Toy Story

Animated film saga dedicated to toy story this is a real hymn to friendship. Not only toys, inextricably linked with their “owner” Andy, but above all with regard to bromance between Buzz and Woody. In the beginning, in the first chapter of the saga, Woody (voiced by the late Fabrizio Frizzi) feels threatened by this new super-tech toy, but gradually their relationship develops. Jealousy gives way to understanding, acceptance of something different, but no less special. Somehow, Woody and Buzz are two sides of the same coin, two characters who, despite their struggles, end up complementing and improving each other. Isn’t that what friendship is supposed to do? Are you pushing yourself to get better and better?

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