Best horror / horror movies set in space

The horror genre usually finds that any place is apt to provoke all kinds of emotions in the spectators, and the space is far from being the exception. There is something scary about him, perhaps from the isolation, loneliness or the feeling that there is nothing there, which together with the fact that we don’t know everything about him, seems hopeless in many ways. What we mention is precisely what makes some directors and writers keep it in mind as the setting for their next story, since the possibilities for telling a story with this configuration seem endless.

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What does a space horror movie have to attract so much the audience? This type of cinema has in its favor that it allows its filmmakers to be very creative with their proposals. Many get the idea that an alien will appear hunting for human lives, which makes the adrenaline rise and the public asks for more. Who doesn’t shudder at the thought that the most hideous and disgusting aliens could drop poison on a space traveler or get into the body of an astronaut? The mystery and suspense of life on another planet that threatens to destroy the entire human race has always been a source of great exploration in the seventh art, as much as the curiosity it provokes in real life.

It is rare the occasion in which a horror movie set in space ends well for its protagonists, but at least the public has the only option to have a good (or rather bad) time. These films are sometimes misunderstood in the sense that they are considered more of a thriller than a horror production, but they are not limited by that. Instead, they manage to make the audience uncomfortable, be it because of the tension or, for example, the most disgusting creature anyone could make up for a story. Sometimes they are just creepy, and other times they can be quite violent, but you will feel a rare relief by not being there.

Next, we will tell you which are the best horror and horror films set in space:

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Aliens – 98%

The sequel to Alien – The Eighth Passenger – 97% is the rare case of a sequel that outperforms the original movie. Aliens set the bar high for space horror and it hasn’t been surpassed since. After arriving home in the previous film, Ellen Ripley chooses to return to space when alien eggs are discovered. This time the director was James Cameron, who delivered an exciting ride from start to finish. It is also the rare genre film loved by audiences and critics, and Sigourney Weaver even garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for her iconic role.

Alien – The Eighth Passenger – 97%

Ridley Scott’s claustrophobic thriller set the tone and standard for the space-set horror films that followed. In this classic, a space crew responds to a distress signal and one of them brings a foreign object to the ship. These elements have often been imitated since then, but Alien – The Eighth Passenger it was one of the first movies to do it and very well. The creatures are incredible, the cast is top-notch (and Sigourney Weaver is excellent as Ellen Ripley), and the balance between tension and gross moments is perfect.

Solaris – 96%

Some might argue that this Russian-born brain sci-fi story directed by Andrei Tarkovsky shouldn’t fall into the genre, but it’s actually one of the scariest entries ever made. Psychologist Kris Kelvin is sent to a space station orbiting the planet Solaris and while there he begins to see things and finds a disturbing farewell message from a previous occupant who committed suicide. Things come to a head when his late wife makes an appearance and just doesn’t stay dead. There is an existential fear in his environment that is more powerful than most of the terror entrances the public is more accustomed to.

Sunshine: Solar Alert – 76%

A group of astronauts made up of Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Michelle Yeoh, and Rose Byrne are sent into space to rekindle the dying sun in 2057, but are drawn in by a ship’s distress signal. Movies like Alien – The Eighth Passenger and Solaris They were huge inspirations for director Danny Boyle, so while the film might not score points for creativity, the execution is chilling and the team falls victim to dire fates in an effort to complete their mission.

Sinister Force – 70%

Vampires can be terrifying in space too. Based on the novel The Space VampiresFrom 1976, this is an effective thriller about obviously space vampires. Tobe Hooper directed this film from a script by Dan O’Bannon and Don Jakoby and, like many such films, it was a box office flop that became a cult favorite. The makeup and special effects help elevate this movie above the most basic offerings and it even has a Patrick Stewart before he stars in Star Trek.

Life: Smart Life – 67%

In a world where movies make a comeback in some form, like sequels or remakes, watching an imitation feels a bit novel. And a knockoff, which in this case can feel more like theft, doesn’t mean something is necessarily bad. The 2017 sci-fi horror film takes the premise of Alien – The Eighth Passenger and it unfolds with the story of Ridley Scott’s claustrophobic classic almost note for note. When an unmanned exploratory ship discovers a sample of alien soil on a Martian probe, samples of the organism are delivered to the crew of the International Space Station. The life form, nicknamed “Calvin” by school children on Earth who witness televised reports, is sensitive and deadly.

Creatures of the Night – 47%

Unless they count the voice of Vin Diesel in The Iron Giant – 96% like his first leading role, the actor became a star after playing the legendary criminal Riddick, whose eyes are modified so that he can see in the dark, in this film that was released in 2000. Unfortunately, that is It makes them sensitive to light, so it was bad news when the ship carrying Riddick and other prisoners crashes on a planet with three suns and perpetual daylight. But an eclipse is approaching, which makes everything worse because creatures appear that want to eliminate life on the planet. It had a modest budget but raised a little more than double what it cost and became a cult.

Event Horizon – 24%

What happened with Event Horizon is another case of an underrated film and box office failure that has become a cult hit, widely regarded as one of the best space horror films in history and often referenced in modern culture. This combination of sheer horror and existential anguish features a team that discovers a portal to a hellish dimension and begins to go berserk. Director Paul WS Anderson reveals this other world in well-used snippets, but we know it’s enough for the crew members to choose suicide rather than return. Not only is the movie scary, it has an incredible cast.

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