Best Instagram Looks: Gigi Hadid in bikini and other outfits on Instagram

Get to know the best looks posted on Instagram by celebrities (and not only) and published by Vogue Italia.

Even if the weather is not the best, we are finally very close to summer. A new energy is about to fill our wardrobes, which will move more and more towards freedom. Social networks will become a mirror of these changes, which will gradually give way to all summer trends. The stars, as bold trendsetters, will be the first to showcase them by posting their looks on their profiles. Here are the best outfits stars spotted on Instagram.

Bikini in the countryside: summer Gigi Hadid

A summer dedicated to the simplicity of Gigi Hadid. The model posted several pictures showing her in the countryside, surrounded by greenery, with her little Kai. Between harvest and food for the kids, Gigi presents her holiday scrapbook. Including a shot in which she is seen in a bikini with a basket full of vegetables in her hands, and a smile that expresses complete happiness.

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Chiara Ferragni in a children’s T-shirt

This trend is spreading more and more: the children’s T-shirt that we used to wear as children is now a wardrobe must-have. Further proof comes from Chiara Ferrenyi, who, along with a series of shots of her wearing the now famous anti-patriarchy T-shirt, also presented an image in which the protagonist is a child’s T-shirt.

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