Best men’s earrings for summer 2023

when it comes to man earrings – to be understood as masculine worn by menSince jewelry doesn’t make a gender distinction – it’s hard not to recall the many celebrities who have always worn them as a distinctive feature of their style. Think of Francois Quesnel’s portrait of the King of France Henry III 1580, immortalizing her with a huge pearl earring.

But perhaps it’s not necessary to go that far back in time: Whether it’s for kings, actors, singers and various icons, these accessories have often represented Complete Completion of a LookReflecting a precise stylistic and communication direction, capable of adding character with an eclectic, or even particularly sophisticated touch depending on the choices chosen.

Choice of music icons of yesterday and today

Lester Cohen/Getty Images

Jay-Z and Puff Daddy in 1998.

Among the stars of music there are many who have created their image even through these small accessories that have defined their style, creating a real fantasy. Above all the cross-shaped earring worn by George Michael that made it a defining part of his look, especially in the context of his long career in the eighties. Equally important is the role of diamond earrings in the beauty of a rapper, especially if we talk about modern legends such as puff Daddy And jay zee who still wear them today almost as if it were an essential part of their “uniform”. However, if we turn to the Italian scene, a young star like Mahmoud is often photographed with different types of earrings, ranging from double hoops of different sizes, to structured ears signed more than once by his friend Alain Crosetti Up to the cuff, up to the little one. More discreet, but still important to her character.

Even actors succumbed to men’s earrings

while she isn’t wearing a lot of jewelry, marked by her Jack Sparrow pirates of the caribbean, Johnny Depp She is one of those actors whom we always see wearing earrings on formal and off-duty occasions. in his style carefree dandy He is never without this accessory which, in fact, is rarely limited to just two pieces. It is very common that you wear countless of them, of different shapes and sizes, but always as generous as them. An example? The three diamond-studded gold safety pins were showcased at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival a few years ago. The model chosen by Harrison Ford is far more quiet and essential, almost imperceptible and not particularly bright or even brilliant. However, a quiet quirk that gives his image a personal touch that sets him apart from many other actors and that seems to belie his age completely fades into the background, as Whip then Happens when he plays the great Indiana Jones. A more typical form of black culture, as a derivative of the hip-hop scene, is the shiny maxi. Michael B. Jordan Joe, being able to afford anything, manages to wear them impeccably, even with an incredibly classic gray suit with shirt and tie. As always, top marks for Michael.

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Harrison Ford.

The most beautiful men’s earrings of the summer of 2023

Between pop and horror with Yohji Yamamoto, on Farfetch for 232 euros.

To recreate Henry III’s royal look with Emanuele Bicocchi on Farfetch for 213 euros.

To wear the metal and crystal together on the same ear, signed on by Acne Studios. At Mister Porter for 160 Euros.

Small golden flowers for a delicate touch with Kenzo. For 170 Euros at Mister Porter.

Like George Michael with Stroilli. for 24.90 euros on Stroili Oro.

Small and discreet like a Harrison Ford with Stroili, in silver and with black cubic zirconia. 14.90 Euro on Stroili Gold.

A Heart in Fire with Mariah Black. For 71 Euros on Farfetch.

Sparkle-but-summery, the Dsquared2 version of Shell. On sale for €88 on Farfetch.

Versace’s timeless safety pin, like Johnny Depp’s. On Farfetch for 270 Euros.

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