Best towns to buy a home on the beach: They’re the cheapest

there is a house on the beach It’s the dream of everyone who wants to enjoy the peace and tranquility that the sea has to offer, especially during holidays, and if you’re close to the coast, it’s easier to isolate and relax: walk along the promenade, walk to the sea Beaches, salt water, plenty of sun…

Investing in a house close to the sea isn’t particularly cheap, so not everyone can afford it. However, idealista, a well-known real estate portal, notes on its website that coastal areas are “generally in high demand and therefore higher prices”. What are the ten cheapest towns on the Spanish coastIt is to buy a house.

cheapest coastal towns in spain

Next we introduce cheapest coastal townaccording to Idealista, along with data showing the average price of homes for sale, from cheapest to most expensive:

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  • Ferrol (Galicia): 844 EUR/sqm
  • Gandia (Valencia): 1,112 EUR/sqm
  • Cartagena (Murcia): 1,192 EUR/sqm
  • Honda Beach – Paraiso Beach (Murcia)
  • Ribadeo (Galicia): 1,257 EUR/sqm
  • Puerto Rosario (Fuerteventura): 1,381 EUR/sqm
  • Arrecife (Lanzarote): 1,491 EUR/sqm
  • Barbate (Andalusia): 1,700 EUR/sqm
  • Salou (Catalonia): 2,038 EUR/sqm
  • Torre del Mar (Andalusia): 2,404 EUR/sqm

Spain’s most expensive coastal areas

Casavo, the technology platform for buying and selling homes, echoes Idealista, using National Statistics Institute (INE)the report said “despite price and demand fluctuations,” such as Canary Islands, “Leading home sales growth of 31.6%” in 2022, Balearic Islands or Costa del Sol, “They continue to be highly regarded by more affluent buyers this year.”

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