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here is our Top May 2023, From summer walker Till then potter payer, there have been many artists who have decided to share their music in the market this month. Some have showcased their skills, while others have emphasized their propensity to innovate.

here are some Best International Rap & Urban Music Albums & EPs Releasing May 2023 Which we recommend you to listen to.

Top May 2023 – International Rap

St. Harrison – Lost a friend

Top May 2023

St. Harrison, The rising star in the worlds of R&B and Neo-Soul has released his debut EP, lost a friendD. His impressive vocal range and falsetto, combined with personal and introspective lyricism, shine through in his debut outing and demonstrate why he is so highly regarded in his field.

Harrison has seen rapid growth over the past year thanks to his single Why didn’t you call??? as well as his collaboration with Grammy nominee Tiana Major9 the homies, This in turn earned the artist co-signings with some of the biggest names in his field, including the likes of sza And Justin Biber, His seven-track EP showcases not only Harrison’s prowess as a distinctive singer, but the personal themes and stories a recognizable songwriter in his own right.

st harrison

Potter Paper – Real Back in Style

Top May 2023

potter payerAfter years of hard work, the rapper from Dagenham has finally released his highly anticipated debut album, real back in style, The album contains 15 new tracks including her popular single corner boy Which was released in March this year. rapper, known for raw and authentic textshas been making waves in the British rap scene for years and is finally ready to sum up his efforts with this long-awaited album.

Potter Pair has a rough start in life Involved in various gangs from a young age, he spent part of his life in and out of the English prison system. she put it all in real back in style Talking about her struggles to survive in a brutal and tough England.

potter payer

Lil Durk – Almost Healed

Top May 2023

mainstream takeover lil durk continue almost doneA 21-track album full of notable guests, including Alicia Keys, j.cole, futures, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, Rob49 and you will regret Russ WRLD, It is no exaggeration to say that Lil Durk has been in steady recovery from trauma for over a decade.

As a member of the first wave of Drill in Chicago in the early 2010s, Dirk’s music Always filled with intense gun-fuelled action and riveting stories with the physical and emotional repercussions that follow. But like many people from her background, the sheer hardship and loss she has endured is astonishing, to the point where each new project is both a victory lap and a pressure release valve.

lil durk

Dave & Central C – Split Decision

Top May 2023

Dave And Central CE have released a new joint EP titled split decision, EP includes 4 tracks runners Previously released and including three brand new tracks our 25th birthday, A new installment of Dave’s fan favorite Birthday Freestyle (my 19th birthday And my 24th birthday), which first appeared on the EP Game over.

This connection is momentous and a memorable day for British hip hop culture, coming from two of the UK’s biggest stars who have taken the UK onto the world stage.

Dave and the Central Sea

Summer Walker – Clear 2: Soft Life

new ep from summer walker It is much quieter and more subdued than its previous design from 2021 still on top of it Where the Atlanta singer had no regrets putting all of her famous boyfriend and producer’s dirty laundry out on the streets london on the track who left him after several betrayals and getting pregnant.

Now, a few boyfriends and kids later, we’re less interested in the R&B star writing about life than what an episode looks like. love and hip-hop, But more calm and cool in celebrating her dimension as a woman and mother. Top the EP’s two singles with Superclass j.cole Summer Too From Cole – Audio Hug with and childish gambino New Type.

summer waller

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