Best way to kill Griocks in 10 seconds in Tear of Zelda

The best combination of elements and weapons allows you to destroy all monsters in Tear of Zelda in less than 10 seconds.

A series of enemies will make our playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom quite difficult, highlighting the different Glock dragons.

Several Gluck dragons scattered around Tears of the Kingdom of Zeldathe difference between them is not only the situation, but also the identity elements and obvious strengths they possess.

If you’re one of those people who always had a hard time defeating all the monsters in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, we’ve got a weapon set for you so you can beat them all.

For this you need a specific weapon, some specific elements and specific situations so that you can defeat all monsters in 10 seconds. Zelda Kingdom Tears.

Best way to kill Griocks in 10 seconds in Tear of Zelda

The most important requirement we need to be able to defeat monsters in a very easy way is the knight’s greatsword.

You can obtain your first Knight’s Greatsword, albeit damaged, in the Secret Library in the Hyrule Castle area. If you get it elsewhere, that’s fine too.

Tears of the Kingdom of Zelda

Now we must go to the roots of Qonorum, and once we arrive, we must break the greatsword of the Corrupted Knight that we took earlier.

Tears of the Kingdom of Zelda

Once broken, we head west from here to find the statue. Before starting, please save the game as you may need to load it later.

Once you reach the aforementioned statue, it will give you a weapon that you have damaged.

Tears of the Kingdom of Zelda

If it’s the knight’s greatsword then congratulations you don’t need to load the game but if you get any other weapon you’ll have to load the game from root to go back to the statue and see if it’s given us the knight’s greatsword isn’t rotted .

Best combination for Grock not in cold environments

Now you must combine the Uncorrupted Knight’s Greatsword with the Shaper’s Jaw. With this, we have the “Moldora Hammer”.

Tears of the Kingdom of Zelda

Then, depending on your preference, you can use some recipes that can further enhance the attack.

Right now the idea is that we keep a heart distance, because knight weapons are twice as powerful.

Tears of the Kingdom of Zelda

Now you just go to the dragon, that’s not in cold regions, you use a bow with electric eye fused fan arrows, once the grok head lands, you do a combo with your newly created shape hammer and you’ll find You beat him in 10 seconds.

For glocks in cold regions

You can start by equipping the Oni Suit, which resists the cold. Then you can take any recipe that gives you some resistance to the cold.

Now we’re going to merge the weapons, we’re back with the related Knight’s Greatsword, but this time we’re going to merge it with the Sterling Silver Batron’s Horn.

We use the same tactic as with the bow, let the head drop to the ground, you perform combos with our freshly fused weapon, and you’ll find you’re killing griocks in less than 10 seconds in the cold as well.

As you can see, now you have a good strategy for killing all these monsters in a fairly quick and straightforward manner.

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