Better not hover in front of Drake | Rapper’s lesson during a concert

Woe to the vape before Drake! The rapper taught his listeners a good lesson during the concert

You see a lot of dubious behavior at concerts and all with dubious motives. The controversy has plagued each other in recent years due to the supposed fans they have. introduced to his artists favorites of everything from cell phones to candy, teddy bears, their dead mother’s ashes, and other questionable nonsense. Gone are the days of throwing a few flowers or bras at heartthrobs!

drake vs vape
Drake against vaping – Source: Instagram @drake –

But there are also those like Drake who really take issue with the questionable behavior of their fans. What did he do before e-Sigs the guys smoking in the hall during his last concert is unbelievable. He really did not want to be silent, having the opportunity to hold a microphone in his hands and say … express his opinion and, why not, also a good lesson for many very young listeners.

Drake against vaping: the rapper teaches a lesson to his fans who smoke e-cigarettes

e-Sigs unfortunately they are still in vogue and many young people – and very young people – still use them. Although it has already been convincingly demonstrated how badly they hurt, not only because many of them still contain nicotine and are as addictive as classic cigarettes or loose tobacco, but because of the chemicals present inside. To give flavor, many substances are used that it would be better not to introduce into our body.

don't smoke in front of a drake
The rapper gives a lesson to those who smoke electronic cigarettes –

In most closed places, including concert halls and clubs, e-cigarettes are banned and despite this, it is not difficult to find people casually “vaping” everywhere and in any case. How did it happen during Drake Concertthe well-loved American rapper who has written many hits over the past ten years.

Despite checks at the entrance, someone still managed to bring an electronic cigarette with them and took it well throw it on stage right at the feet of the singer. The rapper didn’t have to say it twice, he took the microphone and began to teach all his young and very young fans. He urged people to stop smoking e-cigarettes, which is not at all “cool” as many people think. Just as it’s not cool to throw things on stage and risk hitting the artists you’ve come to hear.

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