Between Delusions, Clues and Truth, Netflix has a legal thriller based on a successful novel.

Tonight on Netflix, watch this beautiful 1995 thriller, a legal film inspired by a novel full of emotional tension.

It’s always good to watch an old movie. Netflix! This is just one of the benefits of streaming movies, the fact that you can watch them or discover them for the first time, at any time. Even if a lot of time has passed since their release.

In this case, we are referring to the 1995 thriller directed by Arne Glimcher, loosely adapted from the novel of the same name by John Katzenbach. Has the name “The right reason“, and the stars of the legendary “James Bond” Sean Connery (“Highlander – the last immortal“,”rose name“,”Indiana Jones – The Last Crusade“,”Hunt for Red October”), along with other notable movie screen faces such as Laurence Fishburne (“matrix“,”Tina – What does love have to do with it“), Ed Harris (“Pollock“,”Apollo 13“,”The Truman Show“,”Rock“), Ruby Dee (“One and a half cop“,”american gangsters“) and a very young girl Scarlett Johansson (“Match Points“,”Girl with a pearl earring“,”History of one marriage“,”Lost in translation“).

The plot follows the turbulent court events of a hard murder case, and for this reason it is the perfect film for fans of the drama and light thriller genre. Unsurprisingly, the 1990s was a very prolific decade for the latter genre, with some of the most famous thrillers in cinematic history.

It’s always a good idea to revisit some of them on Netflix, as well as to better understand current productions that are sure to draw inspiration from them.

Wishing for realizationThe right reasonHe was an Oscar winner Sean Connery, who also served as the film’s executive producer. The latter, while not well received at the time of release, has gained a following over time, who find the trend intriguing and the characterization convincing.

Between misdirections, clues, and the truth to be uncovered, this film exudes a certain charm even today. So much so that it is a good idea for anyone who wants to spend some time with that intense dose of emotional tension that a cinematic product of this genre is supposed to release from the viewer.

If you didn’t know this old movie and are intrigued, look it up in the Netflix Library of International Drama Thrillers.

The right reason

Watch the trailer and read the story

Paul Armstrong is a former lawyer and Harvard professor with very strong ideals. In particular, he is categorically against the death penalty. One day, a black boy’s aunt persuades him to go to Florida because the latter is on death row.

A very heavy accusation hangs over him: eight years ago he raped and killed a white girl. Armstrong meets the boy and has a long talk with him to sort out the situation. Thus, he is also convinced of his innocence and that his confession was forced out of him with the use of violence.

For these reasons, he begins an investigation, pitting himself against the detective who handled the case. All the evidence points to a psychopathic prisoner who, at some point, forces him to find the murder weapon.

But everything is much more complex and articulate than Armstrong believes.

Until at some point he finds himself protecting his family from danger that could lead to death. Where is the truth hiding? And at what cost can one fight for it?

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