Between the multi-family Tlalpan and the coronavirus: How to combat a disease who does not yet have a home


In Mexico, the cases of Coronavirus are on the riseand little by little the government has taken measures that do not affect the small economies, but that will help prevent infection.

However, not everything is isolated at home, primarily for those who do not have the privilege of having a home as some of the victims of the earthquake of 19 September.

The things in the Multi-Family Tlalpan have been controlled and the buildings were reconstructed, however not all have been installed within their homes, what makes the current situation of pandemic, that people can live a certain amount of uncertainty.

“Look, here in the Multi-family Tlalpan, specifically, we had a very special situation: on the one hand the earthquake and what came after this, or is the emergency where they died, nine people: eight neighbors and a worker. But after that, one of the more complicated cases is that we had 25 deaths, up to the day of today, of neighbors who were sick, suffering a chronic such as diabetes, hypertension, etc, For a population of 2,500 people in the multi-family, losing 25 people is too much. These neighbors died almost one month since we left our buildings and the issue of health is very delicate here, because they are the most older (the majority are women)” he explained to Infobae Mexico Hector Toledo, representative of the families.

What Toledo explains, is that the population, which for the moment is outside of their homes, now in addition to the suffering already experienced, the stress of not have your home yet, it is also a matter of concern for your health.

“One of the fundamental problems is the elderly, the diseases that we have, and especially being outside of the home generated too much stress. We would not say that the place of victims was crucial to these people pass away or they will get sick more, but it is a factor, without a doubt, what it is,” Toledo said.

The people who are still waiting for the delivery of their departments, have already taken measures to prevent infection, though these are suspend meetings required.

“Now how is the health? Effectively there is a post-traumatic stress in the majority of the population of the Multi-family. Mental health is the one that most concerns us here, there is a lot of emotional effect on both young people, adults, children. But now, with the situation of the coronavirus that is presenting itself to us at the global level, indeed we have had to make some decisions a bit drastic. We as Multi-family we used to gather in a general assembly neighborhoodfrom the second day after the earthquake, this assembly met daily, more than 300 to 500 people a day we would meet outdoors in the Churchduring month and a half, were daily meetings. Already after were weekly and bi-weekly, and now practically since the month of February we have suspended for this care” he reported.

So soon, the security measures still allow them to continue with the delivery of the departments of a last building.

“Already right now, missing a single building that back, eighty departments, but you already started the delivery of seven departments, the Saturday, 28 of march we have 13 more to deliver. We are not suspending the work or to suspend deliveries until there is an indication more and more restricted. We have obviously chat through the virtual media of phones and it is the way that we are communicating, as we did on other occasions but here we provide a more precise information. We do not yet have a reported case in the Multi-family, let’s hope not and we are taking measures for that not to happen but we know that we could not be absolutely sure but if we detect a case because it would take greater measures still”, he added.

There has been no recorded case within the community of multi-family, however lto delivery of departments because it is not a question of relief or celebration, as it would have been in another time. And even if it is not urgent to have to return to their homes, do not.

“For the deliveries of departments andwe’re asking you to come people minimum necessary for the reception of his department. There are people who already have an urgency for what your department, there are people who can waitthat is the situation basically,” said Toledo.

What more threat to the people who for the moment have no home, are those who live with more people, or you rent from another person. In addition, of those who have chronic conditions, may not yet be secure under your own roof.

“It is a topic very disturbing, some of the neighbors who are urged to return to his department of the building that we need are neighbors who don’t want to be with other people living or renting, you want to have your own space, at least to have a decision on your own life. That is a very important issue and that is why we have not suspended the deliveries and, therefore, is not suspended deliveries. We even have building administrators who have chronic conditions. They are caring enough, even in dialogue with its neighbors, in-house with their family, some already living here, but yes, it is an important topic that concerns the people. Yes there is a big concern for what might happen because we have a history of respiratory illnesses such as the question of the weather, dust, people with asthma, and this generates a lot of uncertainty”, he declared.

Although the government has not given the possible solutions within a hypothetical case, they have been careful not to spread it to the residents of this area south of the City of Mexico.

“When it comes to the commissioner for reconstruction, Caesar Craviotto, he has virtually a certain space, what is the distance between people, he applies it and apply it to your personal, we apply it to us as neighbors, he applied to the workers, we are synchronized. Yes there are measures the government is taking measures in this regard. The meetings that we have with government are also limited to a certain number of people, and with a certain distance and only if they are very necessary and with a clear goal and for a little while”, he described.

For his part, Toledo assure you that the government has been consistent in both the measures that have been taken, as recommended to the inhabitants of these buildings.

I know that I have also posted on your social networks and recommendations have been made on other grounds similar actions; have suspended meetings, on limited the number of people and only to deal with matters clearly important”, he added.

In the meantime, the way to combat the coronavirus, in addition to hygiene very strict, is to learn about what there is to do, but mostly read factual information and not to fall in Fake Newsa lesson they learned when it was the earthquake.

“It is important that in these case of the coronaviruses, as in the case of the earthquake, back to back us with accurate information, if there is a question to ask because it is virtually the same contingency but with a different point of view: before we were outside, there is now to be inside, but with accurate information and if there are doubts as to inform us properly” she said.

So soon, to the community you just have to be patient, and support each otherbecause only they know the reality of what they have lived throughout these almost three years.

“It is a characteristic of this type of multi-family, as there is a sense of identity very largeeven by the chats send images, from religious to funny, it’s their way of interacting but in person, and we saw it with the earthquake, has a tradition far rooted. Everything that is said in a department, it is said, and is known in the building farthest, is transmitted very well the information, sometimes distorted but the people shares much with others. There is a great atmosphere in accordance with the solidarity here”, he said.

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