Beyoncé £8k to save restaurant: here’s why

BEyonce donates eight thousand pounds to London restaurant Chuku, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. The initiative is linked to his Renaissance World Tour.

Beyoncé committed $1 million to support businesses owned by people of African descent around the world. Recent beneficiaries of the initiative include Chuku’s, a Nigerian restaurant in London. which he received eight thousand pounds (more than 9 thousand euros) to continue their business, which is in deep crisis after the pandemic period.

Support for Beyoncé’s “Chuku”

“Chuku”billed as the world’s first Nigerian tapas restaurant, is one of ten small London businesses chosen to receive £8,000 in funding from BeyGOOD is the charitable initiative of the American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress.. Around 500 companies based in the British capital have applied for BeyGOOD’s Black Parade Route Impact grant.

Crisis due to pandemic and cost of living

Despite receiving many five-star reviews since opening in early 2020, Chuku’s has faced a number of challenges, from COVID-19 restrictions to rising costs of living. Thanks to the intervention of BeyGOOD, two owners of the establishment, brothers Emeka and Ifeyinwa Frederick, they can look to the future with more hope. “I still can’t believe Beyonce supported our restaurant, it feels surreal,” Ifeyinwa said.

Beyoncé’s $1 million fund

The grant was made possible by a $1 million fund created by Beyoncé as part of her own foundation. Renaissance World Tour, specifically aimed at supporting small businesses affected by economic inequality in the regions where they operate. Beyoncé created BayGOOD in 2013 as a charitable foundation. Fund disaster relief, education, housing, personal and professional development, mental health and more.

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