Beyoncé and Jay-Z sell items from their Los Angeles home (bidet included)

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When Beyoncé and Jay-Z He left the California home occupied for a few months in 2015 and hasn’t bothered to completely vacate the places of residence. The work was done by A los angeles architectS, who is in charge of home renovation today, do not miss the opportunity to Resell what’s left over. Among the things belonging to the couple, there are chandeliers, wooden doors and a bizarre and luxurious item: a bidet with golden taps. Auction starting price? Two thousand four hundred dollars.

Bidets, chandeliers and doors up for auction on eBay

with online sales of a bidet Belonging to Beyoncé, one lucky buyer will soon be able to boast to his guests that he has a unique piece in his home that once belonged to two of the biggest celebrities of the current era. Certainly nothing to do with other works of art owned by the Basquiats and the Carters, who, according to the most recent industry rankings, are one of the world’s richest couples, second only to Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham. , Spouse Showbiz Scrooge .

The news of the auction was spread by tmz extension who published Eric’s statement from Eric’s Architectural Salvage LA who told him restoration experience At a home in the City of Angels where Queen Bey and her husband were passing through for a few months in 2015.

was home though for rent only (and for a sum of over two million dollars a month at that time), the two superstars ended up with residences every luxurious comfort, Thousands of dollars for a bidet but also for wooden doors and chandeliers in sophisticated French style, these were also photographed and included in eBay’s mega virtual catalog.

However, there is nothing strange in the operation: architects have always been interested in recovering supplies and furnishings during renovations and sales today are more for reasons of environmental sustainability.

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z just bought the most expensive mansion in California

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s New Villa-Museum

As items from the Carters’ recent past prepare to pass into the hands of new owners, the couple Crazy in Love has already moved on to the next chapter which will have a landscape of Malibu and, in particular, a new luxurious villa Which is said to be the most expensive in the whole of California.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s new abode, paid for by the couple two hundred million (an amount paid in cash), is the brainchild of Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Built over a period of fifteen years, the villa museum overlooks the sea and is surrounded by forty thousand square meters of greenery. According to some, the pop star wanted the same because the shape of the building from above is reminiscent of the number four which is her lucky number. In fact, the singer was born on September 4, her husband was born on December 4, and both have the number tattooed on their ring fingers. Real estate deals are “blessed” by numerology, it must be said.

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