Beyoncé, From Barbie Pink to Made in Italy: Her Looks on Tour

bayonce She’s the queen of style, we know, but her Renaissance World Tour It is showing us that it is now rare. let’s see Barbie’s New Look, Totally Pinkwhich debuted at the Amsterdam stage.

One of the biggest productions of this 2023 is undoubtedly Renaissance World Tour Of beyonce, 57 steps (unfortunately none in Italy) in which he shows us almost every evening Different looks and stage clothes, As did the June 18 stage in Amsterdam, where Queen B unveiled new costumes for each act of her concert. Created by some of the most important brands (among others, The Blonds, Balmain, Alexander McQueen, Fendi and Vivienne Westwood worked on the costumes) the costumes don’t detract from the music, but, on the contrary, they reinforce the message,

Beyoncé, her reincarnation is a pink barbie

After surprising us with the avant-garde looks in the previous steps, Clothing manufacturing with a futuristic flavorAnd to the tune of a glittering jumpsuit the singer climbed the stage cuff it with a dress total pink, Barbie style, but definitely more seductive. evening dress, with slits on the sides and plunging breasts, Combines elegance with dynamism of movements: Actually, This Is a Preview of the Beyoncé Brand’s Capsule Collection ivy park in collaboration with adidas, All with a shimmery ruffled cape (abandoned mid-performance), long matching gloves and the ever-present sunglasses, which the pop star uses in different models for each song. For this tour, Beyoncé has chosen clothes that will remain iconic, such as this one, but that allow her to dance and dominate the stage as only she can.

Beyoncé chooses Made in Italy shoes

If it seems that Beyonce has relied on Jimmy Choo for tour shoes, which seems to have made over forty pairs of shoes, it is not the only brand chosen by the singer. In fact, right in their Amsterdam phase Renaissance World Tourwore a pair of custom made silver pumps Made in Italy Brand Malone Souliers,

Fashion as a Political Act

In the caption of a post dedicated to the clothes worn during the stop, Beyoncé revealed who created the entire wardrobe for the Amsterdam show color designer to celebrate Juneteen, United States federal holiday commemorating the emancipation of African American slaves, which falls on June 19. When fashion is not only appearance, but also a political gestureAs Beyoncé teaches us, who, in recent years, has wanted to give space and voice to the Black community, not just in America.

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