Beyoncé has raised inflation in Sweden

Can a pop star increase inflation? of a whole nation, the answer is Yesat least second michael granChief Economist of Danske Bank in Sweden. as reported by corriere della serato expert Beyoncé’s Verdict to kick off his world tour, Renaissance World Tourmade from stockholm a series of chain reactions which would have reduced inflation in the Scandinavian country indicate less than the central bank estimates, especially, Between April and May the figure would have fallen 0.2% against the expected -0.4%.,

As Grahan explained, interviewed immediately BBC And financial TimesThe former Destiny’s Child singer arrives in the Swedish capital for the dates of May 10 and 11, for the first time since the pandemic, Attracted fans from around the world to the city: indeed they are 92 thousand total attendance recorded, representing the majority of non resident in the countrypeople that They have Overnight stays in hotels, guesthouses, hostels and spending money in Stockholm bars, restaurants and shops and neighboring cities, causing prices to rise.

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After Stockholm, the US pop star’s tour hits other European stops, including London, Barcelona and Marseilleand will pass Amsterdam, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Warsaw before moving to North America from July. but really from the United States and Canada There were many fans who bought tickets to join the singer’s European tour, Tempted by the most affordable prices and the idea of ​​treating yourself to a mini holiday,

,beyonce Grahan explained. And responsible for the boom: Of course it is quite sensational, given that it is a single incident. we’ve never seen this before, and in sweden “Concert Alarm” continues, again according to what Courier, Swedbank economist Andreas Wallström expressed concern about the three evenings of Bruce Springsteen is expected in Gothenburg at the end of June, which They Can Have the Same Effect as Beyoncé’s Two,

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