Beyoncé helps fans return home after concert postponed due to bad weather

beyoncé made sure her fans were safe after an unfortunate incident happened during one of her last concerts.

singer show Handcuffs which took place on Sunday evening, August 6, in Landover (USA) was delayed by almost two hours after a weather warning was issued.

Because of this, fans were worried that they would never be able to return home again due to the shutdown of the subway lines at midnight. So Beyoncé stepped in to make sure there were no problems.

According to local newspaper ABC7, the artist paid $100,000 to make the subway run an extra hour and fans returned home safe and sound, according to local newspaper ABC7.

This amount has helpedmanage multiple trains, keep all 98 stations open for passengers to get off and cover other operating expenses“, according to the newspaper.

During the extended service period, customers were only allowed into Morgan Boulevard, the nearest station to FedExField, the stadium where the concert took place. All other stations were only outgoing.

A stadium official also said fans had gathered in the lobby because it was the safest place in bad weather. One person was even hospitalized due to the cramped conditions and heat stroke created in the makeshift shelter.

Although the on-site shelter was removed, weather conditions still delayed the show. What do you think of Beyoncé intervening to help her fans?

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