Beyonce is going to sing with Shakira, and JLo for the Super Bowl


Beyonce is going to sing with Shakira, and Jlo to the Super Bowl. Turned out to be the “set list” of songs to interpret and appears as “Queen to Be”.

The social networks blew up with an image that was leaked on the internet and spread over social networks, because if you made a list of songs by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira and interpreted for the interval of the Super Bowl, however, the news is that Beyonce is going to sing with them.

Yes, or at least that’s the speculation after the filtration of the so-called “set list” de Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, for, if, on the other, and the fans were thrilled by the great success that it will interpret the social networking enloquecieron to know that their actions will be the “queen” Beyoncé, who, by the way, has already performed twice at the event.

This “list” that was leaked on the social network, and you will quickly viralizó, features 11 themes that are the star of the famous half-time lead in the dance, and to sing with the audience and the players in the game, as well, as well as those of his companions, or the other stars who will interpret your theme.

Beyonce is going to sing with Shakira, and Jlo for the Super Bowl

On the part of The “Diva of the Bronx”, it will interpret 5 songs, among which stand out for their greatest hits, “Get Right,” “Waiting for tonight”, “I’m real” with the participation of american rapper and singer Ja-Rule-and-its-so-successful “On the floor”, the latter featuring a presentation by the singer Pitbull.

For her part, She played 6 songs, among which stand out “is Always there”, “Torture”, “I Like it”, “she-Wolf”, to its world-well-known “Hips don’t lie” with Wyclef Jean, and surprisingly, “Beautiful liar” is a song in which she worked on with Her, and that it would be acompañándola the entonarlo the next day, February 2, at the stage of the interval of the Super Bowl.

Also, if you knew that at any moment, combined with their voices in order to interpret one of the themes, and the order of the set list,” it seems that the one who will open the event, you will be Jennifer Lopezwhile those who take the close of the show will be Shakira with “Hips don’t lie”.

Her he has participated twice at the halftime show of the Super Bowl, the first of which was in 2013, and as a solo performer, where he had been invited to by Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams from Destiny Child’s, and the second was in rio in 2016, when he appeared in a pasture on the Levi’s Stadium, along with Coldplay and Bruno Mars. It is confirmed, this would be the third time that the “Queen B” on the stage.