Beyoncé is reborn on tour… with top brands

Beyonce Renaissance Tour Top Brand Looks

Beyonce kicks off with two concerts in Stockholm and continues in Brussels to kick it off renaissance tour, which would take him around the world with 57 dates through the end of September. It’s been 5 years since her last tour, which was paired with her husband Jay-Z, but the passion and energy have remained what her fans know all too well. A show full of emotions but which was also a fashion show of sorts. To celebrate your rebirth, in fact, queen bay Has chosen many top brands and stunning looks.

the catsuit

Beyonce Renaissance Tour Look Alexander McQueen
alexander mcqueen cat suit

beyonce She mesmerized her fans as she took to the stage in a super sexy jumpsuit Loewe, Shaped in satin technical jersey with applique in gold crystals and with trompe l’oeil hands, it is inspired by a dress from the autumn/winter 2022 collection.
suit too Alexander McQueen Refers to an outfit of a brand already seen on the catwalk. Embroidered with rhinestones and metallic thread, it perfectly wraps Queen Bey’s curves that seem to glow on stage with their own light.

between minidress and bodysuit

Beyonce Renaissance Tour Look Balmain
Balmain Look

Minidresses and bodysuits are stable in looks beyonce shine on the stage of renaissance tour, starting with a very short dress david coma Accompanied by a holographic print with fluid reflections that, thanks to the energetic movements of the singer, rise to discover the B-side and matching underwear.
queen bay he also wears a metallic leotard courses With a reflective circular cut-out, and an ensemble consisting of a bustier and hot pants BalmainAll covered in rhinestones, with sleeves and a neckline framed by a pearl mesh (click on the photo to enlarge it).

most visible

Beyonce Renaissance Tour Mugler Looks
mugler bee suit

Of the many beautiful and sensual outfits beyonce rattle on stage renaissance tour, there are some that are really amazing. Starting with the bee costume, complete with antennas, a creation Mugler with which the pop star plays in harmony queen bay And Queen Bee (Translated: Queen Bee).
the white tunic is no less enrelage Which becomes multicolored due to the light of the special LED. And, for the grand finale, the star descends from above in a cloak of metal wings KoparniTo ride a shining horse.

The tour will end in New Orleans on September 27, what appears to amaze beyonce, In the meantime, enjoy the ones shown so far in the gallery, there’s also one by Valentino…

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