Beyonce is the one who is the birthday party for the world


They spent a few days with the awesome performance of the Video and, Jennifer Lopez on the average amount of time for the Super Bowl in 2020, but also continue to talk about it without a rest. The artist was offered a show that has made it clear that it is a beast on the stage, over and above the expectations that I had lodgings with them. On that day, it was the birthday She, and what was never expected was to see his own Her
the sauce in the the party for the colombian.

She has completed the age of 43, on the same day he played in the Super Bowl in 2020for a show that did not charge, but it has brought great benefits. In fact, some of her old songs have made up the lists of sales, and streaming, and purchasing their music-they were raised in a 893%.

MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 02 from: She works at the end of the Super Bowl in 2020

MIAMI, FL – FEBRUARY 02 from: She works at the end of the Super Bowl in 2020

Since then, She’s an artist in the global who likes to sing both in Portuguese and in English. Once you are done with the action of the Super Bowl, where they ended up giving it to a couple of strong hugs and kisses from his companion on the stage, and JLo, he was to celebrate his birthday.

And the fact is that the columbian I would have expected a surprise party organised by their friendseven in the absence of Gerard Piqué, her partner, who also met years ago, but he was in Barcelona for work.

She, in her surprise birthday party

She, in her surprise birthday party

In some of the videos scattered around the net, and you can see the She going into a sort of nightclub for the spot where he was waiting for the party. “Oh my God, they made me a surprise party. This is amazing, I am very grateful to them,” if you listen to say, on the record.

The celebration included a birthday cake, which She soplara of the machine. Now, one of the momentazos of the night to give Knowles, who was invited to the party, and that if you put the salsa on the dance floor.


Knowles, who, in the year of 2006 recorded a Beautiful Liar along with that She is in a duet that shocked the world he gave up everything to move to the beat of the Latin musicand, by chance, someone could write it out, and pick up a few of his moves.

If it hadn’t been for this video would not have left that to Her to attend on the anniversary of the world-and that’s something that social media is blown away. The fact that the they have not exhibited their friendship to gain likes it was something that aroused admiration among his followers.