Beyoncé on Lizzo’s side (mid song)

During a period he described as “extremely difficult and extremely frustrating”, Lizzo received what appears to be a show of support from the outside beyoncé in the form of a public thanksgiving on stage.

Lizzo is currently involved in a lawsuit brought against her by three former dancers who accuse the singer of various offenses, including failure to prevent religious bullying, sexual harassment and sexual harassment. Among the allegations, the dancers say they were “exposed to the overtly sexual atmosphere that prevailed in the workplace” where revealing the nudity and sexuality of others “was the norm”, while the singer allegedly pressured them to do so. things that made them uncomfortable.

When the lawsuit became known earlier this month, other people who had worked with Lizzo, such as the former creative director Quinn Wilson, expressed their support for the dancers who filed the lawsuit, stating that it was in line with their experience with the singer. Other reactions, while more indirect, nonetheless seem unfavorable: for example, in a performance of “Break My Soul (The Queens Remix)”, Beyoncé is said to have changed the line in which she usually mentions and praises Lizzo. In fact, usually the singer includes a verse that mentions “Betty Davis, Solange Knowles / Badu, Lizzo, Kelly Rowle“. In late June, Lizzo posted a video to Instagram of her crying as Bey performs the song, accompanied by a caption in which she calls the tribute “an honor.”

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“At that moment I thought of myself as a child when I listened to happy face Destiny’s Child and cried until she fell asleep because of the bullies,” she wrote in the caption.

However, after the lawsuit became public, several videos surfaced in which the song repeated the name “Badu” rather than listing Lizzo in a list of famous black women as usual. When some fans pointed out the change, Tina KnowlesBeyoncé’s mother, defended her daughter, commenting on Instagram, “She didn’t even give her sister’s name… you really should cut it out.”

However, since Monday, Lizzo has returned to the songs, and in a big way. Monday night, actually, during the Atlanta leg of the Renaissance Tour, Bey screamed: “Lizzo! I love you, Lizzo!” during the song.

Ever since she posted a lengthy response to the lawsuit in early August, Lizzo has maintained radio silence on her social media.

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