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“I saw my last night beautiful granddaughter dance around front 70 thousand People, As Tina Knowles-Lawson mother of beyoncecelebrated child performance blue Ivy, 11 years, during Phase A Paris Did Renaissance World Tour, Actually, the little girl danced I under the limelight on the notes of the Stade de France my power And black Parade, ,no fears“, he added. “I am proud of you,

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enthusiasts know that This is not the first timefrom: already from last January, from the new Atlantis The Royal Resort Dubai’s youngest star had Couple with my mother to the tune of Brown skinned girl. again, just like in ArabHad a Big Hit: Cameras Only They have framed Blue Ivy was there in a metal suit and sunglasses The crowd roars.

move during the show about three hourswas obviously a tribute to tina turnerBeyoncé’s real charm has disappeared few days back. “I want to take a moment to honor you, because if you’re a fan of mine, you are also his fan»said the artist. “If today it were not for him i would not be here, That’s why I want you to scream, so that he screams too can feel all your love,

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“I was lucky enough to witness your extraordinary talent, He really had explosive creative power,” said the pop star. “When I think of myself source of inspiration, I think of two Tina’s in my life: my mother Tinaundoubtedly, and incredible Tina Turner”, Beyoncé said in the past, whom she first met his legend in 2008, upon delivery of grammy, “I’ll never forget it. I’ve never seen a woman like strong, fearless and brilliant,

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