Beyoncé paid the Washington Metro $100,000

A big gesture of generosity from Beyoncé, who, in order not to embarrass fans, pays $100,000 for an extra subway ride.

Beyoncé paid the Washington Metro 0,000

Keep holding the bank Beyoncé Renaissance Tour. The richest singer in the world, step by step, conquers the audience with an epic show, not only on stage, but also in the wardrobe. Indeed, the artist’s tour is also a first-class collection of luxurious and ridiculously expensive outfits. Beyoncé, always attentive to her audience, made a ridiculous gesture during the performance. Washington what cost her beauty 100 thousand dollars.

Beyoncé conquers with her tour

Beyoncé World Tour it is definitely a sight that has never been seen before. In fact, the singer presents on stage a 360-degree show between singing and rhythmic and sensual choreography that explodes the enthusiasm of her audience, as well as a series of first-class, designer and precious outfits that they alone are worth. luck. Beyoncé has thought of everything, and step by step all we do is talk about her, her two outstanding performance skills and her look even more whimsical, colorful and shiny.

Jay Z’s wife scheduled two stops a day. Washington, DC, 5 and 6 August.o, but the bad weather played a cruel trick on Beyoncé, who had to perform on stage in heavy rain, lightning and lightning strikes, which unfortunately delayed the entrance of the audience to FedExField, putting some of them in an uncomfortable position. For this, taking care of her fans more than anything else, Beyoncé took it upon herself decisive decision which caused quite a stir. Spoiler, there was no talk of postponing the concert, also because Beyoncé would not postpone the date even on the day of the general court …

Beyoncé pays $100,000 to keep Metro open to fans

beyoncé he spared no expense so that all those present at his concert could safely return to their homes. Concert in Washington DC unfortunately caught in bad weather, between heavy rain and endless lightning, but the show must go on, and the singer certainly didn’t stop at a couple of buckets of water on stage, quite the contrary… Taking the ball in a jump, Beyoncé spawned a seductive and daring show in which her sexual movements were intensified by the pouring rain, and her decidedly glamorous look.

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To make the homecoming unique and non-controversial, Beyoncé decided to pay for the beauty of her body. 100 thousand dollars allow meter capitals to stay open longer than expected, starting to sing with a noticeable delay precisely because of the bad weather, finding the endless gratitude of their fans. What do you think of Beyoncé’s gesture? There are those on the net who praise the artist, but there are also those who hypothesize, sibillina, that spending such an amount on her was much better than refunding the full amount to those present.

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