Beyoncé pays tribute to O’Shea Sibley, a fan who was killed in New York while dancing to her songs

Beyoncé wanted to remember O’Shea Sibley, a dancer and choreographer who tragically died in a crime that could have come across as homophobic. A police investigation is currently underway.

Beyoncé: “Rest in power, O’SHAE SIBLY”
A brutal murder that shocked public opinion. O’Shea Sibley was brutally murdered Saturday night after an altercation at a gas station in Brooklyn as he was about to dance to the tune Renaissance, the latest album by the American artist. According to what was reconstructed by Entertainment Weekly, the dancer was to be joined by a group of boys who would order him to stop dancing while resorting to homophobic slurs.

It was also reported that one person in the group could pull out a knife and mortally wound O’Shea Sibley after the latter tried to defend his friends by explaining that they were doing nothing wrong. Entertainment Weekly reported that the police are currently investigating to identify the killer.

The news of the tragic death of O’Shea Sibley did not leave many people indifferent, including Beyoncé, who wanted to honor his memory with a post on her official website.

The singer wrote: “Rest In Power O’Shae Sibley”. In fact, “RIP” is an expression commonly used instead of “RIP” to celebrate the lives of those who have fought against hate crimes.

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