Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Barbie: this is how the pink avalanche saved the US economy. Will Powell thank you?

Just before the Jackson Hole Central Bank Summit, a report by two economists, Anna Wong and Eliza Wing, shows how, in just one summer, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift’s triumphant tours and the Barbie boom helped boost US GDP by 0.7%, chasing away the nightmare of a recession.

There pink avalanche he is not afraid of bankers in grisaille. Indeed, upon closer examination Jerome Powell He has bad girls to thank for keeping an economy stressed by rate hikes from slipping into recession. This is evidenced by a study by two economists, Anna Wong and Eliza Wing, published on the eve of the central bank summit in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a country of cowboys and fishermen conquered by women’s power.

Billions of dollars rained down from Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Barbie

The bill will be ready soon. triumphant tour of beyoncé and from Taylor Swift they have raised $5.4 billion so far. Meanwhile the movie Barbie, grossed over $3 billion between box office and gadget purchases. Among other things, improving the state of Mattel. The protagonist of a skilful marketing operation that involved older adults as well. In total, he earns $8.5 billion in one summer, enough to raise US GDP by 0.7 percent and thus drive the nightmare of a recession off the horizon. The phenomenon is almost entirely rosy because the only male contribution is the film’s success. Oppenheimer Christopher Nolan. Just a coincidence or something more? Of course, it is almost impossible to predict the outcome of some mass phenomena.

Who would have thought Taylor Swift shows, able to occupy all the cells of the top ten rating. Could this boost Swedish inflation by 0.2%, causing hotel and restaurant prices to skyrocket in Stockholm on one leg of the tour? Other novelties connected with the “Renaissance World Tour” entered the world of show business. beyoncé ($1,200 for the cheapest ticket) or Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: On average, fans traveled 300 miles to watch the country singer perform. But it’s more correct to talk about fangirls, because success is the result, among other things, of the strengthening of the pink power in the balance of the Stars and Stripes economy that emerged after the pandemic.

Gender gap: women’s salaries +28% over 5 years

According to him, over the past five years Bloomberg, wages for women (ages 28 to 54) rose by an average of 28% to $1,001 a week. Meanwhile, women’s participation in the labor market has risen to 76.4% from the previous 74.1% over the past decade, with a significant increase in the number of women working with children under 18. “The consumption patterns of this female generation have changed,” comments al. Wall Street Journal Misty Heggeness from the University of Kansas: Shopping for home and family weighs less. Today, women have learned to spend on themselves. And choose images of the new female power, symbolized by divas who fought and won very difficult matches to guarantee themselves a fairer share of the profits from big business, or the new feminism of the new Barbie. But behind these sociological considerations is the fact that the world’s largest economy, which has been on the verge of falling into recession for more than a year, it’s actually accelerating. And that the purchasing power of wages in the face of declining inflation is growing again. And in a situation of full employment. If this isn’t Barbie’s world, then it looks a bit like it..

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