Beyoncé, the new perfume will arrive in the fall

After the announcement of her new hair care line, the Queen of Pop has another cosmetic novelty in store.

NoLess than two months have passed since the announcement of their new products by the company hair care that the queen of pop is ready to release another novelty beauty. The new one will arrive in November perfumed water, some expectation is circulating

Beyoncé new perfume coming soon

Ten years after super debut Heat, first perfume created by Mrs. Knowles, the pop star is relaunched with a fragrant new creation

The name chosen at the moment is top secret, but the first rumors about the composition of the fragrance that is destined to go viral are coming from the net.

Ingredients? essence Clementine AND golden honey How top noteswhile absolute pink and jasmine make up the heart. Finally call back East From Namibian myrrh AND Amber they leave a mark

Beyoncé’s new perfume will debut next fall (photo courtesy of Getty Images/

launchperfumed water scheduled for November 2023 and for residents of the USA and Canada, the fragrance can already be pre-ordered on the website

Celebrities and Spirits: Endless Love

Name beyoncé thus, it adds to the fact that many celebrities have launched their very personal perfume

A phenomenon that over the years has captivated many, from Kylie MinogueTo Britney SpearsTo Jennifer Lopez. Among the latter, perfumery Eilish AND Eilish #2 From Billie Eilish AND Fenty eau de parfum, unique fragrance created Rihanna

Beauty news from beyoncé they are already on the lips – and in the hearts – of everyone. What else to expect from the new perfume signed queen B?


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