Beyoncé wears a Louis Vuitton watch signed by Williams Farrell.

New step for Pharrell Williams after his debut a few weeks ago in Paris; the singer-designer has developed a wonderful suit scenes for beyoncé (currently on the Renaissance tour) signed Louis Vuitton flaunted on stage in Detroit. A very important operation for an all-round artist who is a serious candidate to become one of fashion’s great heroes.

Louis Vuitton diamond encrusted suit

The two people directly involved are known to have a relationship of respect and friendship; this is confirmed by a fashion show organized in Paris, where the front row was littered with stars, including Miss Gisele Knowles, flanked by her husband Jay-Z (who then performed with Farrell during the party).

Pharrell Beyoncé Dress Life&People Magazinein Detroit beyoncé left fans speechless by appearing on stage in brand new attire: a black jumpsuit embellished with plaid French fashion. A sketch revealed the next morning by the fashion house itself. creative directors in fact, he also designed clothes for the corps de ballet and his young daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, on stage in dark camouflage embellished with microcrystals.

Pharrell Beyoncé Dress Life&People MagazineThen the name is also added Farrell in the wide range of things that the pop star has chosen for her world tour: so far, the singer has chosen for her performances (which are sold out in all corners of the world) clothes chosen by various world famous companies, among which stand out Schiaparelli, Mugler, Jacquemus, Valentino, Coperni Corregues, Paco Rabanne e Loewe (the latter was the most popular brand among users in the second quarter of 2023 for several days.also thanks to the collaboration with the singer).

Farrell’s first time (and certainly not the last)

In a word, adventure Farrell in fashion, he now began with a much more solid creative project than expected. Even the idea of ​​a dame-studded jumpsuit once again follows the basic concept of his first fashion show, where the creative was especially taken with the LV logo, offering it in different shapes and colors. The feeling is the same beyoncé it will be anything, but not an isolated case. It seems clear that the American is making the most of his influence in the music world by dressing the top superstars of the elite, most of these close friends. After all, the Houston native isn’t the first artist he’s collaborated with. Farrell. In fact, we recall that the designer named Rihanna as evidence of his first advertising campaign, precisely to strengthen the bridge between music and fashion, which has been well supported for years primarily by the urban environment.

Pharrell Beyoncé Dress Life&People Magazine

Artistic partnership spanning decades

Farrellbefore packing‘suitalready crossed with beyoncé countless times. In fact, not everyone knows that the designer has signed one of the most successful tracks of the singer’s latest album, or “Energy”, a song that also caused controversy due to sampling another well-known piece of Kelis, or “Milkshake”. They then shared another piece a few years ago, namely “Water”, created together with Salathiel. To this we add numerous performances and live performances, both with her and with great friend Jay-Z. Could Beyoncé be one of the designer’s first muses to enter his new era?

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