Beyonce with Lizzo: a message of love after allegations of harassment

OURaround Lizzo, desert. In recent weeks, no major artist has sided with the singer. About damn timeaccused by three members of his corps de ballet of body shame, physical and psychological harassment. Show business has clear rules in such cases, and publicity risks causing a boomerang effect. Who, after all, may not care too much about the reactions of others beyoncé. And it looks like it’s a pop star Crazy about love do first step in support from Lizzo. And all this in front of tens of thousands of people.

Beyoncé, a message of tenderness to Lizzo

During a stop in Atlanta of his mammoth Renaissance TourQueen Bey said few but meaningful words of love towards my friend and colleague. “Lizzo, I love you!”, i.e. “I love you” or “I love you”, depending on the declension you want to give to the feeling. This is a phrase spoken during a symbolic song, Break My Soul (Royal Remix). It’s actually a song Beyoncé wrote to pay homage to some music icons and which also contains Lizzo’s name.

It’s easy to imagine the surprise of the fans who attended the concert, as can also be understood from the video posted on X (former Twitter) that they did not expect to hear these words. In fact, a few days earlier, a pop star decided to shorten the colleague’s name accused of harassment repeating several times what preceded it, that is, Eric Badu. It cannot be ruled out that the two spoke in private and that Lizzo managed to convince her friend of her good faith.

image crack

Certainly a small but significant step forward for her, who is going through a particularly difficult period after the allegations, with image of world champion bodypositive which immediately cracked. A public image that also gets her into a lot of trouble at work. news reported daily mail according to which Lizzo would have been crossed off the list. of the possible stars that can be hired forSuper Bowl Halftime Show next year in Vegas. And to think that the show is hosted by Roc Nation, the entertainment agency of Jay-Z, Beyoncé’s husband. Because business doesn’t always go hand in hand with feelings.


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