Beyoncé’s Arrival And Inflation Rises In Sweden: Study

AleAnd two opening dates of the singer’s world tour in Stockholm have attracted thousands of fans to the country, driving up consumer prices

someone has already renamed it “Beinflation”due to inflation Beyonce. according to a study by Danske Bank, The American pop star is “responsible” for a 0.2% price hike in Sweden.

beyoncé effect

It Sounds Incredible And Yet It’s The Beyoncé Effect On The Economy Stockholm. From here his world tour started. For the two opening concerts, thousands of fans flocked to the city, not wanting to miss the first leg of the show, held seven years after the previous concert. Many spectators traveled from abroad to attend the shows, taking advantage of the “weakness” of the Swedish currency and lower ticket prices in Europe than in the United States. estimates say 46 thousand attendance Only the two concerts in Stockholm sold out tickets. Some fans have also been forced to stay outside the capital due to overbooking of hotels, which has pushed up prices there as well.

a sensational boom

This “invasion” triggered a chain reaction that caused the Scandinavian country’s inflation to be lower than anticipated. Central bank, In particular, the figure between April and May would have gone down 0.2%in front of -0.4% expected.
“Beyoncé is responsible for this boom. Admittedly, this is quite sensationalist, given that this is a single incident. We’ve never seen anything like this before,” he explained. Michael GrahnChief Economist of Danske Bank in Sweden.

beyoncé in concert

Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour

“Renaissance World Tour” Globally honoring the Queen of Pop. every stage is sold out and forbes It is estimated that Queen B may cash out by the end of September 2.4 billion Euros.
A full line-up of over 36 songs, spectacular visuals, a corps de ballet of over 20 elements, multiple look changes for the Queen and an orchestra of Sunshine make every concert one to remember.

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