Beyond it comes to your house hand in hand with Hasbro

Today the movie Ghostbusters: Beyond hits theaters, and Hasbro has launched a special toy line dedicated to the beloved franchise

Ghostbusters: Beyond It opens in theaters on December 3 by Sony Pictures Entertainment (you can read our review here). Directed by Jason Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman, the maker of the original film from The Ghostbusters and its sequel Ghostbusters IIHe wants to update the franchise for the youngest and make all the fans of Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz and Slimer fall in love again. Ghostbusters; Beyond It is a direct sequel to Ghostbusters 2 and it begins when a single mother moves with her two children to a small town where they will discover an old family legacy. As it can not be otherwise, Hasbro has created a product line dedicated to the film with figures and the spectacular Neutrona Wand.

Plasma Series Neutrona Wand

Plasma Series Neutrona Wand

Electronic replica of the proton cannon of the mythical Egon Spengler, original character of the franchise and thinking mind of the Ghostbusters team. With Plasma Series Neutrona Wand you will feel that you are able to hunt down all the ghosts that are haunting you.

The Neutrona Wand features premium design and décor, LEDs, authentic sound effects, and engine vibrations so you can imagine yourself setting out in search of those spectral creatures that haunt you. In addition, so that you have different options to hunt them, you have 4 ghostbusting modes: classic proton beam, viscous mass launcher, stun beam and meson collider. You can find Plasma Series Neutrona Wand for sale at official stores like Frikipolis, El Corte Inglés, Amazon or Toys «R» Us.

Classic and modern Ghostbusters figures

If you are more of figures than a proton cannon, or just fit more in your space at home, Hasbro has released a good handful of figures inspired by the characters of Ghostbusters: Beyond and also from the classic 1984 film.

Plasma Series Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Ghostbusters: Beyond comes to your house from the hand Hasbro

Collect Ray Stantz, Winston Zeddemore, Peter Venskman, Lucky, Trevor and Podcast figures, new and old Ghostbusters who come together in Ghostbusters: Beyond to solve a new mystery. Their design is highly detailed and they are based on the real actors of the film: Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray, Celeste O’Connor, Finn Wolfhard (the boy from Stranger Things) and Logan Kim. Each figure is sold separately at official stores and they bring their own ghost hunting accessories.

Plasma Series Ghostbusters: Stanz, Gozer, Barrett, Venkman

Ghostbusters: Beyond comes to your house from the hand Hasbro

And if what you want is to remember those old eighties days at the New York fire station, that time of mad scientists and the Marshmallow Man terrorizing the city of skyscrapers, your collection will not be complete without the characters from the original film. from The Ghostbusters: Stanz, Gozer, Barrett, Spengler and Venkman. Zeddemore is on vacation and they are not available in Spain at the moment.

Fusion between Transformers and Ghostbusters with Ecto I

Hasbro has also featured a special collaboration Transformers and Ghostbusters. Have you ever imagined the Ecto I of our New York scientists turning into a robot? Thanks to this Mash-Up it is possible! The Ecto I goes from Cadillac to Elctotron in 22 steps and is accompanied by a Slimer figure, a team of protons and the number 1 of the comic Transformers Ghostbusters Ghosts of Cybertronby IDW Publishing with exclusive cover. You can get the Cadillac-robot here.

Transformers Ghostbusters hasbro

Remember the movie is already available in theaters, and you can’t miss it !! You can watch the trailer below:

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