According to a report from a source exclusively revealed to the Daily Mail, it appears that some people close to Kanye West’s new wife, Bianca Censori, have shown concern for their friend after numerous news stories about the couple and their particular habits and habits were leaked online. . stylistic choice of the latter.

Moreover, having finally managed to contact the girl, her friends would hear her reply “fuck off” before being accused of expressing their doubts that they were simply “jealous” of her fame.

“Some of her friends finally managed to contact her, but she was not interested in talking, nor was she interested in the fears that some of them had towards her,” we read on the portal. “She closed herself off and told one of her ex-friends to ‘fuck off’ when he tried to ask her if she was okay. He says his friends are just jealous of his popularity.” Additionally, according to what was revealed, Bianca will be “totally aware of how to get international attention” as “she now knows how to grab headlines and she loves being Kanye’s muse because it gives her something she’s always wanted.” wanted: fame. Her friends have stopped trying (to contact her) because she is hopeless.”

“Every day she and Kanye try to find a way to make her seem more vulgar than the day before,” adds the insider, who continues: “She’s been brainwashed the same way his followers in the church, the ones who worked for Donda Academy, were brainwashed.” to those who worked for Yeezy, and especially Kim.”

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